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We are asking every citizen of the United States of America and beyond to please write a letter to the Phoenix City manager Frank Fairbanks ([email protected]) and ask him to immediately terminate a corrupt Phoenix cop by the name of Warren Poole badge #5011. This officer was in service with a pending DUI charge on the morning of February 6, 2002 due to a DUI citation he received for crashing his personal vehicle on the freeway at mile marker 155 on Interstate 10 just two hours before having to report to work with a BAC of .15 on June 15, 2001. Phoenix Police Department Guidelines state that once an officer receives a DUI citation he is to immediately bench himself to administrative desk duties until all of the officers personal legal problems have completely cleared the courts. The officer is also to clear a mandatory alcohol screening and psychological evaluation before returning to patrol duties, our legal team has continuously requested results of these tests from high ranking Phoenix Police Department officials and have been given nothing more than the run around and excuses, therefore the Arriaga family believes that this officer was mentally and psychologically unstable to perform the duties of a Phoenix Police officer on the morning of Feb 6 2002 when he attacked Luciano (Louie) Arriaga. The Maricopa County Superior Courts misrepresented this cop to the jury as highly credible.

We are asking everyone who views this website to immediately sign this petition so this enraged corrupt cop can no longer attack and terrorize anybody in his path, and as a serial liar no longer use false testimony and perjury to wrongfully incarcerate the citizens of Phoenix, Arizona. For more information go to lucianoarriaga.com or setlouiefree.com

Thank you,

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Latest Signatures

  • 16 December 2015150. John Me
    This officer does not deserve the public's trust. As a citizen, I urge his removal from duty and termination of employment
  • 07 November 2015149. Vinnie M
    That Cop sure Isnt Cute, why does he think he'll ge away with it, doesnt matter how long he pulls this out!
  • 02 November 2015148. Veronica P
    I support this petition
  • 02 October 2015147. Adam S
    I support this petition
  • 01 August 2015146. Bernabe S
    I support this petition
  • 15 May 2015145. Wendy Sousac
    no one is above the law and if the community has to stand together to free this man include my name in the petition
  • 30 April 2015144. Avelina Mt
    Mr. Fairbanks, please have your Police Chief give Warren Poole a lie detector test.
  • 26 March 2015143. Richard B
  • 03 December 2014142. Monica P
    I support this petition
  • 12 November 2014141. Bill V
    I support our rights! Get rid of the Cop!
  • 13 October 2014140. Lonnie S
  • 14 September 2014139. Richard T
  • 04 February 2014138. Samuel C
  • 27 January 2014137. William C
  • 22 January 2014136. Linda B
    The police are public servants. We should not have to live in fear of renegade police who are allowed to abuse their power, hurt innocent people, and break the public trust with impunity. It is time to stop protecting corrupt officers like Poole.
  • 26 December 2013135. Jason Fm
    I support this petition
  • 17 December 2013134. Adrianna M
    I support this petition
  • 06 December 2013133. Jonathan G
  • 28 November 2013132. Scott S
    I support this petition
  • 26 November 2013131. Eileen S
  • 18 November 2013130. Jon B
    I support this petition
  • 12 November 2013129. Jerome Al
    God loves you and me Louie, He is the only one who can do real justice,
  • 29 September 2013128. Francois A
    Louie is the victim of violence at the hands of the Phoenix Police. This atrocity been completely covered up. Where is the justice?
  • 22 August 2013127. Yolanda A
    I support this petition
  • 04 August 2013126. Charles Garrett
    I support this petition
  • 23 March 2013125. Johnny L
    Louie Arriaga is not guilty! There needs to be a independent investigation and all the facts must be reviewed.This type of injustice takes us back to the 1950's before there were any civil rights!All the facts must be reviewed!No one is above the law and
  • 11 February 2013124. America T
    Mr. Fairbanks, please do your job and put an end to this Injustice

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Phoenix City Manager Frank Fairbanks


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