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Dear Senators & House Representatives;

I have major concerns with your plans for a nationalized health care system. The reality is EVERYONE currently has health care in one form or another. Those Americans that don't have employer provided coverage, purchase their own private insurance, aren't covered by Medicaid or Medicare can simply walk into any Hospital at ANY TIME and cannot be denied medical assistance. Can we stop with the propaganda that it's about healthcare for all. Am I promoting the current system as! Is it flawed.... yes! It needs work, but I hope you will take the time to do it right, not meet some ridiculous deadline just for the sake of appeasing the President. It doesn't have to be done "RIGHT NOW OR IT WILL NEVER GET DONE". It only has to be done right now if you have to have the Presidents Health Plan. If you do health care reform properly, closing loopholes, fixing inefficiencies, keeping a private health care system and without bankrupting our country NO politician would vote against it (the American people wouldnt stand for it).

The majority of Americans currently control their health care. If I need to be seen, I make an appointment and most times can be seen by my doctor that very day. Can you GAURANTEE the same under a government run system?

Would my 64 year old father-in-law (who recently passed away) who was diagnosed with numerous types of cancers (none of which could be cured.... only delayed) get the medication and treatments required to extend his time with his family with a good quality of life.... or would he be given drugs to numb the pain so he could die quickly right before our eyes because that was the most cost effective answer? If it was your family member what would you want?

If this new government run health care is what President Obama and Congress says it is.... will you, all your colleagues and the President himself PLEDGE to us to forfeit the generous health plan you currently enjoy (paid by tax payers I might add) only to be covered by the plan you propose covers us?

And lastly and perhaps most importantly... Have you even read the bill(s)? I don't mean the summary points, I don't mean paying a speed reader to read it and give you the details he or she deems important. I MEAN YOU!!!!! Did you read from page 1 to the very last page, every word, every addendum and proposed amendment?

Unlike the stimulus plan, we cannot afford for a small majority behind closed doors destroy our country simply because you were strong armed by your party to vote for something you couldn't possibly have read or understood had you had the time to read it.

I don't mean to be negative, but this will effect not only my parents generation, my generation, my kid's generation but many generations into the future. IT MUST BE DONE RIGHT! I'm only 35 years old, but in that time, I've never read about or heard another President so content with mediocrity and doing anything, even if its completely wrong, because as he put it.... "WE CAN'T AFFORD TO DO NOTHING". I say to you.... that couldn't be further from the truth. During these very trying times, it is more important than ever that we get it right; no we get it perfect. We can do more damage by rushing in and doing the wrong thing then we can by stepping back, evaluating the situation and provide the best solutions.

So when it comes to health care reform, I ask you to pledge these three things:

1. Dont rush in and meet meaningless deadlines.

2. Read every word of every bill brought in front of you. If you cant do the right thing and vote NO because thats the responsible thing to do! Can you really say youre doing whats in our best interest if you didnt even read or understand it?

3. Finally, make a pledge to all Americans that you will vote NO to any bill unless it requires all government officials (including the men and women of Congress and the President himself) use the plan and forfeit their current coverage. ITS ONLY FAIR!

So I ask you again will you make this pledge?

For all Americans, if you agree with this pledge, please show your support and sign.

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