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We, the undersigned, bring the following to the kind attention of the UN and petition that the UN strongly condemns the human rights violations committed by the Government of Sri Lanka to the Tamil civilians living in Sri Lanka and that the UN takes immediate steps to stop such atrocities by the Government of Sri Lanka:

The international community has acknowledged that the Tamils living in Sri Lanka have their legitimate rights for which they have been struggling within the successive majoritarian Sinhalese Governments for the past more than three decades but in vain.

In the recent past, ever since the new President came to power, the number of human rights violations against the Tamil civilians is on the raise. A number of Tamil civilians including children, infants, press personnel, Tamil politicians and common men/women have been killed in a spree of attacks unleashed by the Government security forces in areas controlled by the Government as well as in areas controlled by the Tamil rebels. Examples of such violations are documented by Organizations such as Amnesty International and the Human Rights Watch and are briefly mentioned below:

1. Tamil Centre for Human Rights, June 12, 2006

On June 8th, Sri Lankan soldiers in Vankalai, Mannar, brutally tortured and murdered a family of four including two children.

2. Amnesty International: June 9, 2006

Eight Tamils "Disappear" (Urgent Action)

3.Amnesty International report of May 16, 2006 :

Eighteen Tamils were killed (including a four month old baby and a four year old child).

"Amnesty International has received credible reports that Sri Lanka Navy personnel and armed carders affiliated with Elam People's Democratic Party (EPDP), a Tamil political party that is opposed to the LTTE, were present at the scene of the killings."

4. Human Rights Watch report April 25, 2006 :

Government must respond to Anti-Tamil Violence. Security Forces stand by during mob attacks in Trincomalee.

5. Amnesty International: March 10, 2006 .

Seven Humanitarian workers "disappeared" close to a military check point. These humanitarian workers work for Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO). They work to assist Tsunami victims as well as war victims.

6. Amnesty International: January 11, 2006 :

Killing of a Tamil legislator: Assassinated in a Church during a Christmas Eve mass; Killing on January 2, 2006 of five high school students (Three of them shot in the head); Rape & Murder: On December 16, 2005, a young Tamil woman, Illayathamby Tharshini, was raped and murdered in Punguduthivu and her body dumped in a well, near a Sri Lanka Naval base. Amnesty International is concerned about an increase of sexual abuse of women. "Disappearance": At least ten people are reported to have "disappeared" following arrest by the security forces in Northern Sri Lanka in the last two months.

Such acts of terrorism by the Government are posing a grave danger to the livelihood of all the Tamils living in the northern and the eastern parts of Sri Lanka. It is very frustrating to see that the human rights violations by the Sinhalese Government and the Government-backed paramilitary groups are muted by the vast majority of the global press. Except a handful of news sources, neither the Sinhalese media nor the majority of the worldwide media reports such atrocities meted out to the Tamil civilians, which is not justifiable at this information age. A situation thus has arisen in which the world is turning a blind eye to the genocide perpetrated by the Government of Sri Lanka against the minority Tamils for more than three decades.

At this juncture we, the undersigned, petition the UN,

1. To condemn the violent actions of the Government of Sri Lanka against the Tamil civilians,

2. To take immediate steps to stop the genocidal crimes committed by the Government of Sri Lanka for more than three decades during which more than 70,000 people have died and millions displaced,

3. To advise the World media to justly report the human right violations by the Government of Sri Lanka, and

4. To impose UN Sanctions against the Government of Sri Lanka that has been proven to be a terror, rogue and failed state.

Thanking you very much,

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