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This past week (noting that the date at the time of posting is July 21, 2005), the official rating for the extremely popular video game, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, by the already notorious Rockstar Games, was officially changed from a rating of Mature to a rating of Adults Only. This prevents anyone under the age of 18 I believe (if not 17) from buying this game, even with a parent in their presence. Personally, I was able to pre-order the game back in March 2004, which then led to me purchasing this game back in October of 2004 when it was released. After this had been done, I regularly enjoyed the ability to play out the missions and the ability to regularly take out the days built up anger on the virtual characters in this game. I personally dont always use it that way, but I do see it as a good way for people to take out their anger on. Wouldnt you rather have them kill thousands of people in a video game than even one person in the real world?

Since its first release on the Playstation and on the PC, Grand Theft Auto has always drawn controversy. Consider it like how when Mortal Kombat came out which consisted of bloody and gory matches and very brutal Fatalities (which I must admit I found very fun to perform as well as interesting to watch). That very game is what brought about that ratings system in games.

Ive always predicted that Take Two interactive and Rockstar Games would be the ones to cause controversy in the Gaming Industry again at some point. It seems that my prediction has come to pass.

For those of you who do not know what sparked this, I will try to explain it in simplified terms. There will be links to news articles available on the Internet posted later in this. Basically, when the Playstation 2 version was released last October, a new feature was introduced to us that allowed us to have girlfriends in the game and after a certain point, be able to have sex with them. Nothing was shown but the reenactments of voices could be heard without question. Now when the Xbox and PC version of this game was released, as with previous versions of PC releases of Grand Theft Auto, it would be expected that programmers, modders, and hackers would be looking around and tweaking with this. As usual with a lot of PC games, this occurred and as it would be, one Dutch Programmer named Patrick Wildenborg discovered a little something that Rockstar had thought they had made inaccessible to players. Before I continue, I would like to say this to Rockstar There is no way that you guys believed that you could make it inaccessible. Youd have to be idiots to believe that. There is always someone who will get passed whatever means you might have taken. It might have looked like a good idea for the PS2 where it would not be able to be implemented as effectively as it could on the PC and Xbox as most PS2 users do not have mod-chips. However, it is well known (sorry Microsoft, but I have to be honest here) that it is not very difficult to get past Xbox security measures. This being, the PC and Xbox versions are pretty much proverbial bulls-eyes for the modifiers and other groups. Especially being with the PC that it would be easy to distribute to the masses and that its very user friendly to the computer illiterate as it only replaces one file which is relatively small which disproves claims by Rockstar that they had been doctored and created by Mr. Wildenborg. Take-Two, parent company of Rockstar later came out and acknowledged that they had, in fact, been created by Rockstar and not removed as they were supposed to be. To quote, Take-Two spokesman Jim Ankner acknowledged in an Associated Press interview that the questioned scenes were created by Rockstar programmers. The editing and finalization of any game is a complicated task and it's not uncommon for unused and unfinished content to remain on the disc, he said. (Source: The AP).
Now then, there is something I have to agree with and I quote as follows The fact that these kids should not even possess or have access to this game will be irelevant. The fact that parents don't monitor their kids properly will be irelevant. Kids have access to it. kids will go and download the mod and hack the game, and therefore ***OMG! Kids will be exposed!!!!***


The bottom line is this... if this was Rob Zombies House of 1,000 Corpses and there were deleted scenes that were hideously graphic on DVD that werent supposed to even be accessed, except some hacker from the Orient figured out a way to access it and that you couldn't access it without downloading it from some Chinese website, we wouldn't be talking about it. Seeing graphic violence in movies, no problem, go ahead and take your kid to go see a [hack n slash] flick, but seeing one exposed boob or sex scene and OMG! It's corrupting the youth of America!

This is just what the politicians need to seize on in order to push legislation that M games can't be sold without ID and that they must be kept behind the counter, like it's Hustler or Score. Eventually it'll be easier for you to get a handgun then a copy of Devil May Cry... (Source:
That is very true. As far as Im concerned, kids have access to porno all the time. Cable infomercials (Girls Gone Wild anyone?), the magazine cover trick (ever been to borders? Adult Magazines are wide out in the open), HBO, Cinemax (Ever wonder why its called Skin-a-max? Watch it after 11 o clock), Showtime, and hell, if the kid is desperate, PPV. And now we have On Demand so the kid can just get up at late night, say around 12:30 or 1:00 AM and turn to the on demand section and choose from a long list of pornos, most of which are (believe it or not) free. And then again, there is always the man on the corner selling bootleg porno. You think, to be frank, he gives a d*** that the person is underage? I dont think so All he cares about is the money hes making. And then, oh heres the biggest shocker (Note: that is said with the utmost sarcasm) The Internet. I swear there are so many ways to get porno on the Internet, E-mail, Spam (check your Spam folder every now and then. Youll see), Free Trials (hey head down to the nearest check cashing place, buy a Visa Gift Card and go baby go!), and too many other ways that I just dont feel like listing them.
Where Im going with is this Just because of one mod that unlocks a flaw by Rockstar, there shouldnt be one big cry over this. Correct me if Im wrong but you dont see anyone from any European countries or Asian countries complaining. Is anything coming from Canada, Mexico, or South America? I dont think so If they want to rectify the situation, then they need to continue with there mass (note the following keyword) *VOLUNTARY* recall. Not throw the whole gaming industry into chaos. The LAST and I mean THE LAST thing the gaming industry needs is the government and/or the HRC stepping in. Also, by making the game Adults Only, you cause the game to not sell very well. People lose money. For example, such chains like Best Buy, Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Toys R Us, and others absolutely refuse to sell video games rated adults only. All I can say is, imports from games in the JAP and PAL regions are going to soar if this continues. Mod-Chip boom anyone? And by the way, this one goes out to Rockstar and Take-Two Interactive Do you like piracy? You guys seemed to get very pissed off when a very well working copy of GTA San Andreas showed up on the net one week before the release. You guys werent happy about this were you? I didnt think so. Be happy, with a little assistance, I purchased my copy legitimately from EB Games. Hell I even took out a warranty so just in case something happened, I could get my disc replaced. But I did not download it. Now thats just me. But here is what is going to happen Pirated versions of the PC and Xbox version will show up on P2P, IRC, BitTorrent, FTP, HTTP, etc. Before you even know it. And the worst part about it is if it shows up on IRC, you cant do ***. If it shows up on BitTorrent, you cant do ****. If it shows up on FTP and someone is running out of Russia, note that the same goes for HTTP, you damn sure cant do ****. You only bring more problems to yourself by taking this course of action because if it continues as it is, it is only inevitable that what is described above will happen. Let me sum that up... If people want it, they will get it and like Malcolm X said, "By ANY means necessary". Thats my long message and somewhat of a rant. I urge you to please sign this petition and help to restore the rating of San Andreas to M (Mature). Thank you.

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