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We, the citizens of the United States of America, and citizens of the world, who have the greatest hope and admiration for you, who supported relentlessly and elected you to become the President of the U.S., believing in your honesty and integrity, hoping that you'll not be influenced by war profiteers and self-serving lobbyists, are ourselves obligated to voice our concerns for present U.S. foreign policy, and the course it must take should this nation desire peace.

Over the past few days, we have been seeing the continuous bombardments on Palestinians by the Israeli government, that began because of Hamas' rocket attacks. American media covered up the reason for Hamas' attack. The reason was because Israel had blocked Hamas' ingress and egress into Gaza. The reason for that? Bush only has a few more weeks left in office until President-elect Obama is going to take over. So, Israel wants to kill as many Hamas members as possible to weaken Hamas' structure and "impose" a deal with Mahmoud Abbas' government, PLO. But, any "imposed" deal with Palestinians will not be a lasting peace. Therefore, it is very important to urge Israel to refrain from committing any further violence and aggression. No matter who is at fault, the killing of innocent civilians needs to stop immediately.

Important Information for U.S. President Obama:

How can we, the most powerful nation our world has seen, so long a beacon of hope for so many, a bastion of liberal ideals, the very creed of our nation, not understand that the people so desperately blowing themselves to pieces, are human beings as well?

The desperate acts of "terrorists" are only in response to our grossly dissolute and ineffective foreign policy, a problem exacerbated by pouring hundreds of thousands of troops into distant lands, sent to kill thousands of innocent Muslim women and children, generating a never-ending vicious cycle of vengeance against us.

We sincerely hope that you will be firm in your promises, and make decisions to help bring peace not only to the Middle East, but to Asia, Africa, South America our world.

We hope that you will bring all the troops home from Iraq immediately, and re-consider your decision to re-deploy them in Afghanistan.

Please, use the power of diplomacy not bombs- to bring an end to the endemic conflict tearing our world apart.

Please, treat the people of the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, with respect and dignity.

And please, give your attention, sympathy, and love, to the poor and weak of this world, people so long oppressed, that they know not the meaning of hope.

Give them hope.

As I write this petition, bombardments against Palestinians by the Israeli government are killing and injuring hundreds of people. Every human life is important, whether they are Israeli or Palestinian. What is happening in Gaza today is a prime example of an immoral policy decision creating terrorism.

The present American foreign policy promotes terrorism. We have been in denial for a long period of time. We have spent billions of dollars protecting U.S. citizens, only to have a foreign policy that creates terrorism.

We urge you, President-elect Obama, to change today's counter-productive indeed immoral- foreign policy to a policy that will diffuse and eliminate terrorism rather than breed it.

Honorable President-elect Obama, you are not only the hope of the people of U.S.A., but also a ray of light for the people of the world. Missing this opportunity will be a disaster mankind can ill afford.

Honorable President-elect Obama, kindly visit our upcoming blogs at to get more information on the topics of "How to diffuse terrorism in the 21st Century" by global economics and security expert Sean Qureshey.


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