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Hello My Friends if's me, jesus. just kidding haha soo funny ya it's "FowadIsInCanada"!!! i found out a month ago from a friend that i was kicked out of leafs chat ( by luckynumber13 for my fobbiness and lack of ice hockey knowledge. I figured she hates me becuase i am not like her friends and i have beautiful black hair. So i spent a month studing money and rejoined the Leafs Chat with the new name Fowad is Back, she kicked me out again. so please sign this to help fowad return to leaf chat. Thank you god bless you.

Just for an introduction:

Hello Maple Leaf Chat,

If many of you don't know me I am Fowad Muhamad and i am very recent to this board and country. I am borned in a forgien country and fled to Canada aproximatly 43 Weeks ago, I am very very sorry for my bad english i made it to Level 4 English program back home. Just like there is rasism here there is rasism back home. My Teacher disliked me well much becuase i have beautitful black hair and purposly failed me while my friend Nasir Mahamad, and no he is not my brother we have same last names, he pasted the course and got admitted into level 5 English. Because of the raging onward war going, I was forced move with my family to Canada Toronto. I am now put in a grade 12 class and i have 1 friend his name is Andrew Li, and yes he is Chinese. Me and Andrew are friends for alot of reasons. Andrew and i are both 5'8 in height, i weight 145 pound while andrew weighs 140 pounds. That is a 5 pound differece, 5 is my luckly number because of this. Another reason why Andrew Li is my friend is because he is a smart person. My mother say you are just like the person you play with. I am also smart in math. On my last test paper i score a high mark of 97.5 percent, and my amazing friend almost beat me he got 96 percent. THank god he never beat me. The only reason he never beat me is because i pray god to pass the test. God loves me because i am his children. We are all gods children Toronto Maple Leaf Fans. I wake up in the morning and pray to god for 5 mintes i also pray before i sleep to get good marks on tests in future. If i do i can make my parents happy and get the scolarship to the amazing University. THe only reason i was bron was to go to university if i don't i can die becuase i failed my mission. My teacher told me to practise tying in the computer because it can spell check and give me corrections this is why i am typing in the maple leaf chat box. MY teacher also tells me to practise on the computer it is a nessesary thing in the future. I pray to god for a computer i finnaly got it,now i can tell my friends back home that i have a computer and they will feel pround to have a friend with a computer. My computer starts up showing Window xp. and has color box moving i like counting the boxs for a pasttime. My other pasttime is watching the bird and fish. My friend tells me i can go outsie for a pasttime i tried that too when i got a brand new ccm bikecycle. but i can not anymore because a onionhead steal it from me. You potato i'll find you. This stealer is my first enemy. My other ememy Patrick always bullies me because he is cool and has more friends than me, I want to challenge him by having more friends so i went to a hi tech search engine and reseched on how to be cool i found out the secret of cool. Take that Patrick Thomson, I have the secret manual to be cool. I also want to have more friends than patrick so he can cut ot the name calling. My friend andrew tell me he found out how to have friends by going to this url i went there and am trying everything there one was to go online, i find maple leaf chat and i join it. so i ask you do you want to be my friend? Please i can help you with your math homework. I will be happy to talk to you at [email protected]

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