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The Plea That Was Entered Through Deception, Trickery and Lies

Dear Perspective Friend or Supporters,

This appeal is from a young man who was 18 years old at the time he mad a bad choice in life. My name is Rifat A. Abuhilwa. I am currently serving 27 years to life at the Toledo Correctional Institutuin in Toledo, Ohio. Im currently 29 years old (D.O.B 10-29-74). I have been in prison since 1993.

On June 2, 1993, I was secretly indicted by a Summit County Grand Jury on: One (1) count of Aggravated Murder (R.C. Section 2903.01 (b) with Aggravated Circumstances and Firearm Specification: two (2) counts of Aggravated Robbey (R.C. Section 2911.01 (A) (1), with Firearm Specification: One (1) count of Carrying Concealed Weapon (R.C. Section 2923.12, One (1) count of Possession of Criminal Tools (R.C. 2923.24), and two (2) counts of Having a Weapon While Under Disability (R.C. Section 2923.13 (A) (2).

My conviction for Aggravated Murder was a result of Ineffective Assistance of Councel. My Aggravated Murder conviction was supposed to be reduced to involuntary manslaughter based on the facts, evidence and the record in this case does not establish that I purposely caused of death of the victim. But rather, the police reports, the statements given to the police, my co- defendents affidavit, and the plea transcript proceedings all show that this is a case that, at most, cause the death of another as a proximate result of committing or attempting to commit felony in violation of Ohio Revised Code Section 2903.04. I am actually innocent of aggravated murder under Ohio law as defined in R.C. Section 2903.01 (B).

Secondly, my trial judge sentenced me to two (2) Firearm Specifications, which is in violation if R.C. Section 2929.71 (B), because both offenses (Agg. Robbery and Agg. Murder) were done as the same-act or transaction. The Ohio Revised Code Section 2929.71 (B) provides in pertinent part to the following:

If any of the felonies were committed as part of the same act or transaction, only one three-year term of acutal incarceration shall be imposed for those offenses:
Note: This statue has been changed to different statue.

The charges against me stemmed from a shooting that took place during a robbery at Mikes Drive Thru that resulted in Robert L. Hunts death. The shooting was done by my co-defendent (Dusten L. Might) due to the fact Mr. Hunt came at my co-defendant with a baseball bat. Mr. Hunt was a customer who interrupted the robbery. I never thought for a instance that my co-defendant would shoot anyone.

In a subsequent plea bargain, on October 12, 1993, I entered a plea of quilty to one (1) count of Aggravated Murder, two (2) counts of Aggravated , and one (1) count of carrying concealed weapon with firearm specification accompanying each count, The Aggravated Robbery counts were run concurrently with each other and consecutive to Aggravated Murder. The firearm specification sentences are to be served consecutive from all charges.

Prior to the plea, my attorneys told me that the state agreed to run all the charges concurrent if I would plead guilty. The prosecutor and defense council outlines the plea bargain. I rejected the states initial plea bargain offer and demanded a jury trial. Right before the trial on the same date, after being pressured, badgered and tricked, I agreed to enter plea bargain of guilty. The prosecutor outlined a proposed resolution, which was not what my attorneys had told me would be offered. After inquiring about the plea bargain with my attorneythey suggested that I just stay quiet and continue with the proceedings. Trusting my lawyers, I did what was suggested by them. In return for my plea, the state dismissed the death penalty specification because the evidence shoed that Dusten Might (co-defendant) and not me was in fact the person who actually shot Mr. Hunt. In the plea hearing, the assistant prosecuting attorney state that:

If that is done, I am going to recommend that Specification 1, which is the specification of aggravating circumstances be dismissed. This is being done because the evidence in the case shows that Dusten Might and not Mr. Abuhbilwa was the person who actually shot Robert Hunt. Emphasis added

But the court didnt run my aggravated robbery charges concurrent with my aggravated murder charge as it was promised by my attorneys. After informing of my rights, the trial judge, without any explanation of the charge of aggravated murder, accepted a plea of guilty from me without me admitting that I specifically intended to cause the death of Robert Hunt.

There were people who knew of the circumstances that lead up to the murder of Robert L. Hunt, and did nothing to prevent this lengthy sentence filled with deception, trickery and lies. Similarly, no one among all the departments and personnel handling the case, custody, interrogation, arrest and indictment of my case acted to protest the adequate justice America and not political justice

One person with integrity and courage operating in that system of hundreds could have prevented the abuse of my plea agreement. Instead, it was a political free fall! The facts of my case were distorted by politicians. We must become more vigilant in preventing abuse by the justice system.

I was charged in the death of Robert L. Hunt with capital murder specifications. Just months before I was scheduled to go to trial, I was profiled all over the media (t.v, newspapers, radio talk shows, etc) and pronounced guilty in televised news conferences. The media, without any investigation, headlined me as guilty as charged for six months, obliterating any possibility of a fair trial.

Durning my confinement in the Summit County Jail, I was lied to and threatened by my attorney. Also, I was beaten by a few Deputy Sheriffs that has interest in my case. They also denied me judicial rights to a fair trail during this deceptively situation called justice. Eventually, I was threateningly coerced into pleading guilty to Aggravated Murder Charges, which they failed to:

Ensure that I understood the elements of Aggravated Murder Charges
Ascertain a guilty plea legally through a legal process by abiding by my Constitutional Rights
Sentence me by a three panel judge as required by Ohio Law
Sentence me to three years of gun specification, instead the judge imposed a six year sentence, which contrary to Ohio Law

By all accounts, my sentence and plea was immoral, illegal and inadmissible as law, and yet it was upheld by the justice system.

Simply I was denied a defense and my Constitutional safe guards.

The judge, prosecutors and defense counsels in this matter failed to obey Ohio Law, Ohio Constitution, United States Constitution and their Code of Ethics that are all supposed to uphold in office as public officials which is designed to protect my rights as American Citizen. They colluded with each other to imprison me for life purely for political reasons. By giving me life and making me out to be the dangerous person in the world, my judge got media attention and right-before-election proof she was indeed tough on crime. The police got to close another case without the effort or cost. The prosecutors got both an easy win for their resumes and a chance to exercise this eagerly-awaited power that they abuse in most of their prosecution cases, enabling them to imprison me for life.

I received 27 year to life with a parole board date May of 2020. Please help me receive a second chance at life and bring hope for a lighter sentence by signing the petition attached to my web site page. I know I made a bad choice of committing a robbery but I was very young, stupid and ignorant to life. I have learned a great deal about life and the importance of being positive and producing to the community in which I very much want to be a member of and participate in keeping troubled kids from heading down the same path I did. When I was younger Ive made many mistakeswe all have, if youll agree. Its just some mistakes are more severe than others, and indeed I am remorseful of the wrong choices Ive made that has affected others in a negative way.

I regret my actions whole heartily and seek a second chance to live my life by making a difference. I live for the victim everyday, because a day doesnt go by that I dont think about the victims in my case (not just for the deceased victim, but all the victims involved in my case). There are days where I wish I could take the victims place and bring him back. Even though I didnt pull the trigger my bad choice of being involved in the robbery landed me in prison. The truth is, I will live with this crime forever until my last breath leaves my body as the victims did. Only the wisdom and regret that came to late.

Please write me if you would like to help me obtain a lighter sentence or sign my petition. What I want is my words to do to you is touch you like never before, not feel sorry for me, but to listen and act. I would gratefully appreciate any assistance you can provide!

Why you should be concerned

Our justice system is specifically designed to protect citizens from:

Arrest and conviction based on expedience, prejudice and political motivations by infringing upon the rights of the accused.

Unfair, deception, lies coercion and abuse of power.

Obviously, the goals of our justice system are not always met but did you know that the legal safeguards we so highly value and trust are increasingly being violated. For those with loved ones, the travesty of the case against Rifat Abuhilwa literally means that the police can arrest and accuse your loved ones of a horrendous crime, deliberately and illegally obtain plea agreements through lies, threats and bullying, denying them full notification of the charge against them and its consequences, completely slander their reputation, as well as the entire family, and put them away for life or more-----by ignoring the State, Federal and Constitutional Laws.

By any other name, this is judicial abuse by out justice system and although this is not supposed to happen in America, it did and it could happen to you or one of your loved ones.

The Illicit Plea

With no prior knowledge of any law, any defense, any understanding of the charges, I was taken advantage of.

How Voluntary Was It

Rifat Abuhilwa was only 18 years old ith only a G.E.D. and our laws are specifically geared to protect the vulnerable, unknowledgeable human beings for eliciting illegal pleas. To achieve that, Ohio law requires the attorneys and judges to explain to the accused this rights, to explain the charges against them and the consequences thereof.

Rifat Abuhilwa was charged with capital murder, the ultimate crime. The attorneys explained to him that all my charges would be run concurrent if he was to pleas quilty to aggravated murder even through he never shot anyone or planned to kill anyone. They managed to threaten him and deceive him in many ways, that is how they managed to get a quilty plea from him----through decieving tactics.

Could your loved ones have fared better druing a plea filled with trickery, deception and lies. This was a horrible, illegal and immoral plea agreement and there are mnay other cases like Rifat Abuhilwas out there in America. (Log on to Frontline, they just did a special documentary on plea agreements. Frontlines story is titled The Plea. Sooner or later, the injustice must stop, the justice system is playing with human lives and wasting tax payers money for political gain having no reqards for human lives. After Rifat Abulilwa was sentenced, he immediately appealed his case through the State and Federal Courts, and was denied, because he was a Pro Se litigant. Through my experience in the justice systemIve learned the only Justice Is In The Halls Of Justice.

Pleading For Help And a Chance

Other than the offense I am confined for, I have maintained a productive life, without any participation in criminal activity. This present situation and the unfortunate circumstances which resulted in my confinement in prison has changed the course of my life forever. I am extremely remourseful for the events and I have taken full responsiblity for my actions.

Further, I have taken preventative measures to ensure that circumstances such as the crime that resulted in my confinement will not recur nor will I revert to any involvement in criminal activitiy once I am given the opportunity to be reinstated into society.

I have clearly learned my lesson and the importance of being a productive law abiding citizen from the punishment enforced against me for it has rehabilitated me. I also learned the importance of self improvement being a essential basis for inner growth and future development. This will allow me to refrain from resorting to any criminal activity whatsoever.

The impact of this case has had a tremendous effect upon my family and everyone involved. Most importantly I submit that I have experinced a spiritual awakenings in which I have deepened my relationship with God. I have focused on conducting myself in a responsible, productive and moral fashion. This undoubtedly will reflect on my role in society as well and will be the anchor that secured me requardless of what difficulities I may face in life.

I am proud to say I have a documented patter of my rehabilitation process and since my incarceration I have diligently pursued educational opportunities. I have maintained and been actively involved in carious jobs assignments within the institutions, completed two Paralegal Training Programs through mail correspondence. I financed my own education without public assistance and completed a bible study course with American Bible Institute and currently taking another Bible study course with American Bible Academy. In addition, Ive completed several hundred community service hours by workbook collating for Sherman Elementary, Bulf Mailing for city of Toledo, Composing Journals for Columbus Afrocentric School, Activity Preparation Ohio Reads, Toledo Human Society Rescue Dog Program, Composing Flip Cards for Crayons 2 Computers and completing a Dog Training Program (which I am a certified dog trainer now). However, I am currently a dog trainer for Camp K9 here at Toledo Correctional Institution and I have completed a Fatherhood Parenting Program, Understanding Your Crime Program and Tutoring Program (which I am a certified tutor).

However, I am currently on a waiting list for Victim Awareness Program and a Computer Vocational Class.

Simply, by asking me what I have learned from a bad situtationthat I have changed my attitude. Instead, I have took control by choosing to make the situtation the servant of my education. It has served my needs to grow in self-awareness and the entire ordeal has become the stumbling block to further myself in life to be the best person I can be.

Hopefully, you will seriously consider signing my petition to give me a chance to live a productive law abiding life. Please consider that your help may affect my fate and I feel I have meritoious need for someone like you to help me with my chance at life before my parole date May of 2020. I truly believe that I can offer society more now than ever, and I plan to do so, I need a chance to prove to you and to everyone else that I am a mature and changed man and would like to pursue a career as a paralegal.

I ask that you respond to me as a person rather than as a statistic, obstacle or a monster. In many ways out whole lives are struggles to become more like humans, in the no-rehabilitation age----prison are places where that struggle is often denied.

Heartfelt thanks for your efforts. Please consider that my life is on the line here and in judging all of above, any assistance from you would be highly appreciated.

If you would like to contact me for any reason or for more information, please write to the following address:

Rifat A. Abuhilwa
No. A-283-108
2001 East Central Avenue
Toledo, Ohio 43608

Please understand he isn't attempting to escape prosecution but only reduce sentence because he didn't pull the trigger. You have to see all the evidence, reports and legal paper's to see the side that nobody mentioned.

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