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The purpose of this petition is to let the producers and writers of the NBC soap opera "Days Of Our Lives" know that we want Thaao Penghlis{the actor who portrays Tony Dimera}to have more airtime,a love interest and a softer side to his character.By signing this petition you agree to the above mentioned considerations.

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Latest Signatures

  • 12 December 201096. susan
    Tony ain't even a real DiMera---get a grip Corday! Fire Reilly---make Andre the Island MM and bring back The Count!
  • 07 December 201095. TonySucks
    Tony is an idiot and I'm glad he's off the show. I hope others sign telling TPTB that they are glad he's off the show. THe only thing more I'd want to hear about Tony is that he's dead.
  • 16 November 201094. Michele
    Bring Back Tony. Salem isn't the same without him
  • 15 November 201093. Cornelius
    Days is boreing without Tony
  • 15 November 201092. Lisa
    It's not Days without Thaao!
  • 15 November 201091. Brittney
    Bring back Thaao to Days! He's one of the best actors, and Days is obviously lost without him.
  • 11 October 201090. Caitlin
  • 05 October 201089. Haley
    Please bring back Tony and help him find true love again!! He is no fun to watch as a miserable, revenge-obsessed man. He is too good of an actor to be thrown to the side!
  • 05 October 201088. Victoria
    I would LOVE to see Thaao Penghlis back on Days with more airtime and more of a story line. I don't like it when you bring characters back only for a few shows then take them off again. He is a great actor and really twists the plots of the show!
  • 04 October 201087. T.Doolittle
  • 04 October 201086. Faith
  • 04 October 201085. Tina
    Tony definitely needs more airtime, but I can't see him being soft. Maybe the love of his life should be Kate. What havock would that create??
  • 15 September 201084. spiritofau
    MORE TONY!!!!!
  • 05 September 201083. Mel
    No Tony, No Days!! (The same goes for Bart)
  • 04 September 201082. Vicki
    Please keep Thaao on Days, he makes it exciting and fun!!!! And he is such a great person, I enjoy learning about him! And watching the evil Tony is so much fun--he does it so well! And just think of all the things that can happen as he falls in love an
  • 04 September 201081. J
  • 03 September 201080. cornelius
  • 01 September 201079. zortrana
    Bring back Tony! Add adult storylines to Days of Our Lives!
  • 01 September 201078. Jennifer
    We want our Tony/Thaao back now!! The fans have spoken!
  • 01 September 201077. Christine
    I like the old Tony with a slight evil twist but not pure evil. He needs more air time and a old or new love would be great.
  • 31 August 201076. kate
    Your story lines for the past few months are old please. I am glad that I tape the show. I can fast forward the show. Please no more Chole and Brady and her crying about her face its very old and quite boring. You should tone done Chelsea, she is bad. I d
  • 31 August 201075. Denise
    I've been a loyal viewer of Days for many years, but recently I have become very disapointed with the writing. History is ignored, not one couple is happy, and storylines are dragged out until nobody cares anymore. Making Tony evil is another big mist
  • 30 August 201074. Tracey
    Redeem Tony's character and fire James Reilly before we ALL quit watching. I'm a 30 plus year DOOL fan and am ready to finally give it up!
  • 30 August 201073. Connie
    I just love it when Tony and Bart are on. They really need to give Tony a woman.
  • 30 August 201072. Michele
  • 30 August 201071. Suzanne
    Tony is my favorite character on Days. 'Nuf said...
  • 30 August 201070. Kym
    Thaao needs better storylines and a love interest. Quit trying to market only to the younger crowd. You'd earn back many viewers if you'd appeal to a wider range. You guys (the DOOL writers) messed Joe up, too, before he took off. Please don't do the same

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