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We, the undersigned petitioners and pagan television viewers worldwide do hereby give notice that we are more than offended by the footage aired of the man with the sign that says Abortion a Pagan Sacrifice.
We feel that we deserve more respect for our beliefs and that statements or footage like this should not be broadcasted on the news. We should be able to enjoy watching the news without seeing more of the frustrating, uneducated slanderous statements that make our beliefs barbaric, misleading and unjust. Calling KXD 13 to voice our concerns did no good to resolve this issue.
We have suffered numerous problems since this sign first appeared.
Our integrity has been questioned,
People believe that all pagans believe in abortion
People still believe that pagans are making sacrifices.
Statements like this persecute us once again, and
With statements like this, all our forward progress in educating mainstream misconceptions on paganism ends up sliding back to square one
Thankfully, the man who made the sign has destroyed it. Unfortunately the media in Fairbanks Alaska continues to use it again and again and again.
News stations have an obligation to provide clear and concise news and information to the viewing public consistent with world events. They also have an obligation to provide responsible journalistic coverage of events that does not deliberately alienate, exclude, and segregate the viewing public based upon race, ethnicity or creed. The airing of this footage has resulted in the false perception of the largely-uninformed viewing public in every aspect of American society believing that every pagan believes in abortion and makes sacrifices. This is a grossly inaccurate and false perception perpetuated by your footage which threatens the freedom of religion of pagans who in fact have not performed sacrifices in centuries, and the footage implies that not only do all pagans believe in abortion, that all pagans abort babys for sacrifice! It inhibits our inalienable right to freely practice our religious beliefs through creating an atmosphere of harassment, intimidation and hostility for pagans that freely choose to practice our religion openly. The subject of this grievance and petition is the causal relationship between biased representation in the media and the resulting inaccurate public perception of pagans.
We, the pagans of the world are beyond frustration that you continue to air this and we hereby give notice that we are not going to take it anymore. We the undersigned petitioners who are TV viewers are hereby demanding
this footage be taken off the shelf,
an on-air apology that is sincere,
a line or two stating that different pagans have different beliefs on abortion (just like everyone else) and that although pagans in ancient history may have performed sacrifices, as did Christians, and other religions, pagans do not do so anymore. Saying that abortion is a pagan sacrifice, broadcasting it, is as insulting as saying all catholic priests are pedophiles and all politicians are thieves, and that statements like these are not at all true, uninformed, slanderous and just plain silly.,
and accountability from station corporate as this problem will be fixed, so we as your viewers can enjoy watching the news without having to explain to people the next day that We do NOT make sacrifices and then clarify (again) that pagans are normal people.
We the undersigned are now demanding the respect that all people, no matter what their beliefs- deserve.
We are a community and we do talk back and forth to one another and this is how we have come to the conclusion that you have no concern for us as viewers by your station. News is suppose to be unbiased, yet airing this sign screams discrimination.
We the undersigned, dissatisfied TV viewers, demand and expect the above and will not tolerate any less than what is stated above! We are sick of being treated like heathen barbarians from the middle ages. By broadcasting the sign you endorse that you too believe that Abortion is a Pagan Sacrifice and we demand immediate action on the above issues and will not settle for anything less!

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