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It seems Zeb has been going on a rampage lately, removing money and points from people who have a lot, whether he can prove it to be exploited or not. If you'd like a VERY good example, I'll give you one:

baz (not Bazboom, the other baz) has been a legitimate player (like me) for his entire bootleggers career. Everything he accumulated was worked hard for. Thousands of points, billions of dollars. Zeb stripped it all away from him, even though EVERYONE who knows baz knows he's a pretty legit player. However, a certain mod/admin who I will not name for now, knows for a 100\% FACT that everything baz had was ALL legitimate. Not even exploited in the beginning. So baz worked hard to get what he had, and Zeb took it all away with no proof, and not even any EVIDENCE that it was dirty. Similar to the reason he banned me.

I know a few other people who, after a mod/admin looking into it, found that the reason their money and points disappeared was NOT because they were hacked, but in fact because ZEB took them. I'd name names but I have been asked by the mod/admin not to name any other names. Anyway, in all of the cases that *I* am I aware of, the players are old school, hard working, legit players.

And Zeb stole everything from them, without asking questions, without providing evidence, not to mention without proof.

Now I ask you, is this the kind of person you want running bootleggers? An over-zealous thief, who steals the players hard earned money/points and in some cases such as my own, bans their accounts? I know I sure don't want this kind of person having ANY part in running this game.

Zeb's History

In the beginning Zeb was a great mod, perhaps even the best. He was friendly, always nice no matter what people said to or about him. He was a mod with some integrity who didn't pick favorites, who thoroughly examined everything he did, BEFORE doing it, to make sure he was making the right decision. He also used to be a friend of mine, and I am sorry to be making this topic.

I also know that many of you do like Zeb, however that may be because you yourself have yet to be screwed over by him for an extremely unsubstantiated, and quite possibly fabricated reason. If you're one of these people I can respect your decision, and I won't insult you or try to change your mind. This article is being posted as a factual article based on facts that have been proven by a current mod/admin.

Petition to remove Zeb from the Elite Guard

I have been playing this game since the very beginning. I have helped the Elite Guard, both past and present moderators, fix numerous exploits as mentioned in a reply to my topic. I used to be a Help Desk operator, I was one of the first two, along with fivelitre and sk0116x. The only reason I am not still on the help desk is because I stopped playing Bootleggers for an extended period of time due to personal/real life reasons. I have seen this game go from the greatest game I've played, to what it currently is - you can use your own words to describe it. I believe a quick summary of my own opinion wouldn't hurt; this game is disgusting now. It is overrun with people like LapraS, for example, who cheat and exploit and outright STEAL from other players by invading their privacy with their profile hacks. To counter this, the game is partially run by people like Zeb, who just assume that everybody who associates with an exploiter is ALSO an exploiter; who assume that everyone with a large amount of money/points is cheating, and takes it all away from them; who ignore the players they ban/take from because they feel superior to the players; who feel they do not have to answer to anybody.

That said, as one of the older players on this game, I believe Zeb should be removed from the Elite Guard pending a thorough review of his actions by the Administration. I'm not saying to just kick him off. I believe that if he has truly done nothing wrong, that will be discovered. However, I believe he knows he's done wrong, many times, and just doesn't care. For that reason, I believe Administrator review of his actions in the semi-near and recent past will be more than ample reason for the Administration to remove him as a moderator and replace him with someone such as Andy (current name Torpor) who is currently on the help desk.

Please show your support by posting your own experiences, or your friend's experiences. Tell your friends to check this topic, and byall means, feel free to bump it. I will repost this from time to time.

I believe you can draw your own conclusions/opinion from this article. If you disagree with me, that is your decision, and I don't judge you for it, so please extend the same courtesy to me and refrain from making negative comments toward myself or anything who posts here. If you MUST flame someone, all flames may be directed to my bootmail inbox.

~ X7 (aka x7staind [help desk name], aka v3i)

PS: I will not be surprised if Zeb bans me for this. If he does, it's ok, it only proves what I am saying, and that he's afraid people will start to realize the truth about what he's been doing.

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