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We value Justusboys as a place that enriches our lives, regardless of its virtual existence. The relationships we forge and the openness with which we can express ourselves are very real to thousands of people gay, bisexual, lesbian, transgendered, and even straight! It is a place where all people can come to contribute their thoughts, feelings, lives, pictures, good times and bad times. For some people who are too shy or unable to seek the comfort of other gay men, it is a mainstay. For anyone who thinks that is sick, they don't know what they are talking about. In the Current Events and Politics forum, hundreds have gathered to engage in enriching intellectual debate. We hold this opportunity for a forum of gay men to be exposed to each others political thoughts to be unparalleled in the Internet Universe, and that is why some of us have remained and contributed for years. We also value the tireless and inexhaustible efforts of the site administration to make every aspect of the site run smoothly. We do not just approach you with problems, but also positive reinforcement that you deserve. You are not good but excellent decision makers, arbiters, editors. We are confident in your abilities and they are very much appreciated. We would like to say that Justusboys is a perfect place.

However, an intolerable situation exists in the Current Events and Politics forum.

The moderating staff is an essential aspect of the Justusboys community. They are there to foster an environment of peace and civility. They are representative of the site when anyone and everyone in the Internet universe makes a judging glance. Members hold their trust in and respect of the site as they judge the moderating staff's handling of their responsibilities. We turn to them when there is a problem, and depend on fair arbitration, as well as any minor issues that may arise from time to time. When it becomes obvious to many that one individual is incapable of performing his duties, it is time to consider the wisdom of retaining that individual on the moderating staff. We believe that there is one individual in particular that not only does not perform his duties fairly, but grossly violates not only the trust that the Justusboys community places in the moderating staff but also the Code of Conduct rules that all are expected to abide by. This problem negatively impacts our trust in and respect of the site to provide a fair space for the Justusboys community to function.

We bring our concerns to you about the moderator, Jackoroe. In past months, he has done the following: left a trail of offensive posts, snide remarks, insulting characterizations, he has been biased in his moderating, and denigrating and insulting in his Private Messages. There are some members who do not frequent the CE&P forum and some who have even left over their dissatisfaction, frustration with, and reasonable lack of respect for this moderator. Some of us, the undersigned and elsewhere, are motivated even now to do the same. We believe, especially those of us who are paying supporters, that we have a right to fair moderating. We acknowledge that Jackoroe is a conservative-leaning poster, and we wish that you recognize that this is irrelevant to our concerns. It is fair to have a conservative moderator. It is not fair to have an abusive conservative moderator. A list of offensive posts has been made available to you, and we would like you to realize that this is but a facet of the problem we perceive Jackoroe to be.

The only solution we see to this problem is the removal of Jackoroe from moderating the CE&P forum. Jackoroe's continuing presence will only devalue the respect and lower the confidence we have in the staff on Justusboys. We are tired of his offensive posts and denigrating private messages. We humbly and respectfully request that you remove Jackoroe from moderating the CE&P forum.

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