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Dear Students,
This is my earnest request to all the students of ICSE/ISC Board or any other board, that have included EVS(Environmental Education/Science) as a compulsory subject as a part of the curriculum to sign up this petition. God knows if my Petition receives a good number of signatures then we can all as a Student Community appeal to the Supreme Court of India to take back its decision to add EVS as a compulsory subject for us to study. It is really very tedious for us to concentrate on subjects like EVS in class 11(XI) and 12(XII) where there are other science and commerce subjects to be studied thoroughly. Moreover there are Competitive Exams on which we have to lay more stress. I hope and pray you are with me. Please sign my petition and tell your other friends and relatives and to sign in too so that we can get rid of the subject. Please Help and Support this noble cause. Thank You.

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Latest Signatures

  • 10 November 201550. Kunal G
    it is simply waste of time and nothing more it should not be is the mistake of supreme cout
  • 01 November 201549. Saswata S
    this subject demands extra time for which our aggregates might suffer.
  • 05 July 201448. Dnyandeep Mahadeow
    over burden on children
  • 28 April 201447. Krishanu G
    I firmly stand against EVS...SC please stop it
  • 25 February 201446. Dipanjan B
    EVE/EVS is a real burden on our shoulders.Thanks for creating this petition.
  • 21 February 201445. Sargun Santos
    marks should not be included in the main \%, instead grading should be done, so that the burden is comp. less
  • 09 August 201344. Debanjan B
    What the hell is this????? A complete waste of time...till class 10 its fine but in +2 its useless
  • 17 June 201343. Mandakini A
    Please remove this subject
  • 07 March 201342. Swati B
    we know that we have to do something for our environmnet....but the way the council is trying to make us do those things is not at all accepted....if we have that urge within ourselves...we'll do something...we dont need ny1 forcing us to do something,...
  • 15 February 201341. Ashu K
    This nothing but a burden on us. we cannot cope up with the science alone, then how do you expect us to respond to this extra burden
  • 18 October 201240. Shah R
    EVS is a burden for us. please understand this fact and do something about it.
  • 15 October 201239. Bhaskarr J
    yeah i agree to the petition letter
  • 05 October 201238. Niket K
    This subject just drain the brain in the gutters
  • 01 June 201237. Jayanto Banikm
    i appeal to the Supreme Court to withdraw E.V.S. from the board exams
  • 23 November 201136. Nitesh K
    EVS is very boring and does not instil in us any kind of care about the diverts our mind from our real motive of studies.moreover EVS is just A WASTE OF TIME.
  • 15 February 201135. Siddhant S
    atleast the addition of evs marks in our result should not be compulsory
  • 05 August 201034. Saket K
    hey get rid of this subject faast. it's making life hell for me.
  • 25 June 201033. Gaurav A
    At higher secondry education students should concentrate on subjects they want to make their career in.Anything else distracts
  • 08 December 200932. Vikash Richards
    we the students already had a lot of subjects it is useless to add a burden t it
  • 11 November 200931. Usama K
    evs is waste of time,we are aware of it
  • 29 October 200930. Aakanksha A
    an unnecessary burden dat wont make us aware of r so called environment in literal sense bt yes we'll soon start hatin it!!!!!!
  • 14 October 200929. Nikita G
    please remove this subject from the face of this planet. please.
  • 02 May 200928. Vkedia Golden
    this subjest should be removed
  • 10 April 200927. Nikita M
    E.V.S. should be removed not only because it is boring but also a complete WASTE OF TIME&ENERGY
  • 20 December 200826. Rishab S
    EVS is an extra subject that gives us little new knowledge that we havent learnt in the lower classes. unless the syllabus is drastically mended for more of practical works and less of mugging up, the subject seems virtually useless to all of us.
  • 04 September 200825. Debdoot S
    It kills time for other important subjects.
  • 07 July 200824. Abhilash Snow
    YA, I too feel the same

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