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We, the undersigned Savannah Breed Section Members, respectfully submit this petition to TICAs Executive Committee as our formal request for assistance in replacing our current Breed Chair, Lorre Smith.

Unfortunately, although Ms. Smith has made several noteworthy contributions to the Savannah Breed, the alarming series of irregularities listed below solidly supports the fact that Ms. Smith has also regularly abused her position as Breed Chair, and in doing so, has inaccurately and routinely misrepresented the Breed Sections position to the TICA Board of Directors, in favor of her own personal agenda.

We ask that this request and the attached grievances be considered separately from any pending or past complaints instituted with TICA and considered solely on the merits contained herein. We hope that TICA will work with us in the selection of a new Breed Chairperson that will embrace the fair and diplomatic representation our group so justly deserves. We are excited about our breed and seek to have unity and an excellent working group without divisiveness.

Additionally, we have attempted to contact each and every Breed Section member to obtain their signature in a timely manner. Unfortunately, we were unable to obtain email addresses for all of them. Nothwithstanding the foregoing, if only one member made this request, we believe the issues contained herein would warrant the removal of Ms. Smith.

Listed below for your review is a small sampling of irregularities surrounding our current Breed Chair that we feel warrant this, our formal request to you:

Prohibiting the free exchange of ideas and inaccurately representing the Breed Section on issues prior to speaking to TICA on our behalf including:

Failing to notify, consult or poll the Breed Section Members prior to presenting Permissible Outcrosses to TICA for acceptance. As a result of this action, many Breed Section Members have invested countless dollars in cats of which the progeny will not be counted toward our goal of creating a Championship breed.

Refusal to run fair and effective polls of the breed section members in the construction and revision of the Savannah Standard.

Closing the archives of the Savannah Standards List in an effort to prevent our guest TICA members from reading factual information posted relating to her breach of ethics.

Completely shutting down the Savannah Standards List for a number of days because the members opposed her position. When reopened, moderating all members ensued, so that only posts approved of (and in support of) the Breed Chair were allowed to be published, which forced members to open a new list moderated by a neutral party where ideas now flow freely.

Failure to request information for breed reports in a timely manner such that breed section reports COULD contain information from ALL breed section members.

Refused to permit participation in presentations to the TICA BOD by breed section members who were not members of SIMBA.

Refused to obtain input from breed section members, other than a select few who the Breed Chairperson viewed as her personal friends.

Ignoring repeated requests to include litter registration, individual cat/kitten registration and show data in breed reports unless the cats were owned by Breed Section Members who were also members of SIMBA.

An unwillingness to recognize or relinquish total control in the interest of fairness, and has long owned, moderated, admitted or refused Breed Section Members list membership, and solely conducted and controlled all polls relating to the Savannah Standards List.

Inappropriate mistreatment and intimidation of Breed Section Members who do not share the opinions of the Breed Chair including:

Prohibiting the free exchange of opinions and discussions by attempting to intimidate members in writing, both publicly and privately.

Responding with inappropriate, rude, hurtful and malicious personal attacks when opposed, including referring to the Breed Section Members as riff-raff and on one occasion demanding to know why one member was even alive.

Breed Chair bullied the entire SIMBA Board of Directors into tendering their resignations after they denied her that SIMBA issue a formal statement to TICA supporting her side in the complaint she filed against Arden Morley.

Publicly threatened to resign each time she met with opposition. Most recently posted a Classified Advertisement on the SIMBA list seeking her own replacement, then when her resignation was embraced by the membership, she reneged and asked repeatedly for a list of 'charges' against her.

Moderated or refused membership to all TISBA members when the Breed Standard was revised. Additionally informed Breed Section Members that if they joined TISBA they could not be a part of SIMBA because in her opinion, TISBA is anti-TICA.

Utilizing dishonest tactics to manipulate a predetermined outcome and inaccurate information which is then presented to TICA including:

Manipulating the vote in support of the initial Savannah Breed Standard presented to TICA by adding more than a dozen "fictitious" Breed Section Members to the list which enabled our Chairperson to swing the vote in accordance with her personal agenda.

Routinely threatening the Breed Section that she will "pull the breed" from Advanced New Breed Status and "throw us back into Registration Only Status" at any time her opinions, requests or demands are met with opposition.

Deliberately misleading the breed section members with respect to TICA rules and conveying that she is the only person who can perform certain tasks.

Responds to opposition with malice and deceitful behavior including:

            Inserting herself into regulatory actions aimed at having animals confiscated from breeders against whom the Breed Chair has a personal vendetta.

            Offering to sell Servals to persons who are not properly licensed.

            Continually misrepresenting in Breed Reports that SIMBABIES was a 501(c ) (3) corporation when in reality its status was pending. A fact well known to Ms. Smith.

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