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This petition is to try and persuade to offer Royal Mail as a postage option on deliveries. Some reasons others have raised are:
1. Postage for small items often costs more than the items themselves
2. Postage to off-shore and other surcharged areas overly expensive
3. Various problems with deliveries from a few delivery depots
Please sign below if you support this suggestion.
Thanks for your time

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Latest Signatures

  • 13 November 2015100. Sammer B
    please ebuyer
  • 31 October 201599. Mark D
    I support this petition
  • 09 August 201598. V W
  • 31 July 201597. Graham Orr
    My postie always has a smile on his face - it's nice!
  • 15 July 201596. Scott Cisneros
    Please offer different couriers, citylink never deliver my parcels!!!, thers almost 100 signs on here now, that would equal 100 more happy ebuyers! AND LOTS MORE SALES!
  • 04 July 201595. Phil Boone
    Would be great to only have to travel to my local PO or RM depot for missed deliveries - rather than 15 miles to the nearest CL depot!
  • 16 June 201594. Jacob G
    Formal complaint sent to ebuyer about this issue
  • 14 June 201593. James Walter
    i wish this comes trur
  • 29 March 201592. Jonny
    Living in Northern Ireland, citylink simply suck.. Royal mail would be much faster and cheaper!
  • 16 March 201591. Ian J
    Need this part of your service resolved. Otherwise may be tempted to deal elsewhere E-buyer.
  • 10 February 201590. Mark M
    Terrible delivery times for this area, will definatly back this
  • 11 January 201589. Pin Shaw
    Royal Mail / Parcel Force or City Link. Give us a choice!!!
  • 27 November 201488. Nick S
    In the last month City Link have failed to properly deliver all three items I ordered, I won't be using ebuyer until there is an alternaitve delivery method
  • 17 November 201487. Chris W
    CityLink have been poor in 2 areas ive lieved at (STAFFS & LEICS), after my experiences with CL i've stopped using Ebuyer, its the only way i know my pc parts are going to get to me within reasonable time and in 1 piece
  • 03 October 201486. Chris W
    Worst company ever, they dont even bother attempting a delivery, they just lie and say u were'nt home. NEVER HAD A SINGLE PROBLEM WITH ROYAL MAIL, PARCEL FORCE, UPS, and DHL
  • 22 September 201485. Paul B
    You know what of time Royal Mail are arriving, you have to wait all day for City Link
  • 17 September 201484. Vk Barton
    15 City Link surcharge to NI and delivered via Parcel Force. Must be a scam somewhere!!!!!
  • 29 August 201483. Timothy P
    Common ebuyer havent you figured out that citylink are fake yet?
  • 19 August 201482. Dormouse Cantrell
    Citylink have problems finding me and are too far away to collect from. Royal Mail deliver quickly and reliably and their depot is close enough to collect from.
  • 09 August 201481. Tony J
    Their drivers lie about attempts to deliver
  • 07 July 201480. Paul O
    Of all the delivery companies I have had any dealings with, City Link is by far the worst. Getting stuff delivered from E Buyer is the biggest problem of using this company. I live in a rural location, so use internet shopping a lot, and City Link a is bo
  • 08 April 201479. Andy Day
    Citylink are fake, nuff said.
  • 12 March 201478. James Vasquez
    I support this petition
  • 10 March 201477. Amanda P
    I'm backing this petition because the service CityLink claims it provides is non exisant in the area in which i live, Stratford (BARKING Branch)
  • 19 February 201476. Nb Montgomery
    I support this petition
  • 23 December 201375. Medge Choi
    CityLink are useless, many times have claimed to have "carded" me, which never was the case, phones are never answered from Swansea depot, ever......
  • 20 November 201374. Raymond P
    As I do with all such suppliers (e.g Screwfix) whilst once I looked no further than ebuyer I now look elsewhere. Good luck with the petition.

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