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We demand that henceforth, you follow a specific set of standards set forth here for all published/broadcasted news articles or stories depicting intersexed and/or transsexed men or women, that
~ Recognizes transsexed and intersexed individuals as separate from transgenders and separate from each other with specific medical, legal, and social needs.
~ Agrees to stop using the transgender umbrella term which forces crossdressers, drag queens, transvestites, transsexed, intersexed , and others under one stigmatizing identity, in order to identify transsexed or intersexed individuals.
~ Agrees to stop perpetuating negative stereotypes that are untrue and hurtful which cause society to justify violence and discrimination against our communities.
~ Recognizes and respects our established gender identities in all published articles.
~ Agrees to use words that do not fetishize the transsexed or intersexed communities
~ Agrees to not use the word lifestyles to describe transsexed or intersexed individuals, as lifestyles implies choice.
~ Agrees to present all of the facts as they are in an unbiased way in all articles.
~ Agrees to publish roughly an equal amount of positive articles to counter the negative stereotypes we face on a daily basis from the negative articles.
~ Agrees to not publish untrue articles of a trans/intersex nature which would harm ones reputation or jeopardize their life for the sake of sensationalism
~ Agrees to depict transsexed, intersexed, and other transgender rights as human rights with equal value.
~ Agrees to be held accountable for their own actions if found in contempt of the above and agrees to work to correct any and all mistaken actions which could lead to violence or hostility against transsexed, intersexed, and/or transgender individuals.

Why is this important?
~ Transsexuals suffer more than twice the unemployment rate of the general population and also double the homeless rate due to their gender identity.
o 41\% of transsexuals have attempted suicide compared to 1.6\% of the general population.
~ 19\% of transsexuals have been denied essential medical care that is not transition-related.
~ A nationwide survey of bias-motivated violence against LGBT people from 1985 to 1998 found that incidents targeting transgender people accounted for 20\% of all murders and about 40\% of all police-initiated violence.
~ More than a quarter of transsexuals have abused drugs in order to cope with discrimination and harassment.
~ An estimated 2\% of the entire population is intersexed or transsexed or identifies as transgender.
~ Untruthful representation by "the media" perpetuates more unnecessary hatred and violence toward the transsexed and intersexed communities as well as toward the transgender community.
~ In many states transsexed and intersexed have no right to hold a job, no right to a place to live, no right to fair treatment by law enforcement, no right to marriage, adoption, child visitation or essential medical care. We do not have the right to serve our country or pee in a public bathroom. We have been shunned by society and effectively erased by the history books, treated as freaks and sexual deviants as much by the LGB community as by the rest of society.
~ Recent spikes in violence against trans individuals show strong causational links to negative media portrayal of transsexed, intersexed, and transgendered individuals
~ The media is the main force behind swaying the publics attitudes either way and they have a responsibility to present the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the pure unbiased truth when peoples lives are at stake.

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