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Before the saying, there is another PETITION for Fruits Basket,"Appeal for Fruits Basket Season 2". Please, go to other site that currently has over 10,000 signers, but the petition is being sent to the wrong corporation. Link: http://www.petitiononline.com/fb2/petition.html

*To all the Fruits Basket fans, this is a petition that is made to convince the creators such as the Director, Natsuki Takaya the Mangaka, the staff, the companies like TV-Tokyo-Nas, and anybody else who helped release the second season 2 of Fruits Basket. There has been doubts of whether they will release the second season for the Fruits Basket anime, but we will not lose hope.

TO THE CREATORS: Would you consider approving the making of Fruits Basket Season Two (Also a 3rd season, just incase there isnt enough room to fit the rest of Fruits Basket all in season 2)? There's alot of petitions and huge fans, not just in Japan, but all over the world. Just think for a moment about the positive attributes of making season two of this show can have an effect.
*To the creators and fans:
-If they do make Season Two of Fruits Basket then Studio Deen, and TV-Tokyo-Nas, the Director...
-Would not just get money from Japan, but all over the world.
-Fulfill Natsuki Takaya's Fruits Basket Manga in an Anime without an anymore questions. If...Miss Takaya would approve her Manga that has already been finished to be created back into to an Anime again, even if she doesnt approve.
-To be continued... (in another list below)

Back to the Fans, with the fulfilling of Natsuki Takaya's Fruits Basket Manga back into an anime again it will not raise anymore questions about Fruits Basket because the Anime and the Manga would both be resolved.

Miss Takaya even said herself pertaining to the Manga that she likes to end her series that raises more answers than questions. Why not the Anime? Miss Takaya also said that she likes to end her series with an understandable ending without any questions. Here is an interview with American Time reporter interviewing Natsuki Takaya:

"Time: What do you want your readers to feel or understand from reading your Manga?

NT: Above and beyond drawing my creations, I try to incorporate some kind of message. I TRY NOT TO END MERELY A QUESTION, BUT TRY TO PROVIDE A CONCLUSION within the work. Furthermore, I try not to supplement this understanding outside of the work. This is because I believe that readers are free to respond to the work in their own way and that this is part of the pleasure... Of course, there are unintended misunderstandings and the occasional thing that completely confuses, but as much as possible, I want to value the sensitivity of all readers."

(Imagine the Readers of the Manga as the Watchers of the Anime)

Natsuki Takaya may not have been talking about the Anime watchers in the answer that she gave back to the reporter. However, we do know that the end of the Fruits Basket Anime Series, well... contains a lot of questions that are not answered.

To fulfill Natsuki Takaya's occupation in her conclusion of the Furuba Manga, they have to make the rest of the Furuba Anime Series so that there aren't anymore questions that the Anime watchers ask.

We think that Fruits Basket should be made now or sometime soon because the Software and Computers has been getting better and better over the years. When Fruits Basket season 1 was made, I think the program was Windows 2000 and now the newest program is Windows Vista. It would be easier to make the Fruits Basket season two again with this new Windows program or the other program called Mac. I don't know how the circumstances would be in the creation of Fruits Basket season two with the new programs, but certainly the animation for Fruits Basket season two would have better resolution, even though the show already has great animation, but it will make it even better.

We understand that the ending of the Furuba Anime series was okay and it's a good way to end it too without finishing the whole thing. The end of the Anime Series was like making an alternative ending without showing the curse of the Chinese Zodiac being lifted. Also, we understand that it shows that Tohru has made friends to all of the characters and the problems are resolved, SO FAR.

The Furuba Manga readers know that there are two other Zodiac members that are not introduced in the Anime. Rin the horse and Kureno the Rooster. Although it was good that they went far enough to show Kyo's true zodiac cat form. Even though, it was made that far and the series has made a huge success, we the fans of the Furuba Anime, not just in Japan, but all over the world want to know what's next.

"I was able to get deep into the story right from the beginning. I thought that the physiological theme was something that everyone can relate to through their own experience and they can appreciate. I was impressed right from the start and was able to just dive into I. As he guessed, I was instantly excited (Mr. Daichi: Her excitement level was high) Sorry ,yeah (Mr. Daichi: You still are very excited) that's true. I already love it."
- Miss Nasake Series Development Scenario*

"As everyone said that. It will be enjoyed by people of all ages. Its fun, but at the same time it teaches you the meaning of life."
-Reiko Yasuhara; voice of Saki Hanajima and Kyoko Honda

A good example the about the difference between movies and books is Harry Potter. The books are extremely popular and the Movies are really popular too. The movie was made in 2001 at the same time when Fruits Basket was made and it's still going. Why couldn't Fruits Basket keep going?

The creators say that they will never be a second season of Fruits basket for these reasons:

1. That the Fruba Series is too old and they don't intend to make another season.
2. The Anime series is no longer popular in Japan anymore and other shows like Ouran that have taken the top. So there would be no use to making it since it's not as popular in as it used to be, but the Fruba Anime Series is popular around the world.
3. That the fans wil lose interest in the next couple of years.
4.No use to make a season 2 when the Manga is over, even though it is still popular.

+Argument against #1 is that the series it is very popular around the world the animation great that it looks new. Also Fruits Basket looks like it was made the same time as Ouran High School Host Club Anime Series was made. Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away are old, but they have great animation, and it's still popular. A good thing is that if they make season 2 the of Fruits Basket the show will not be old anymore if they make a season 2. Fruits Basket will be a new and somewhat old Anime, because it would have been made in the early 2000's then somewhere close to what year it is now.

+ Argument against #2 is that you have to deal that anime is becoming popular around the world, especially in the America. Over years, other countries have been getting accustomed to Anime, particularly not as much as Japan, but it's still growing. If it is popular around the world it should matter to Japan, even though we aren't the Japanese Anime origin country.

Last but not least, the argument against the #3 topic. We love Furuba, and depending on the person they don't care on sharing this show with other people, right. We show it in Anime Club on the internet to other people so they know about it and possibly become fans, too. Since the fans keep growing, it doesn't matter if someone else loses interest because this is a classic anime. Thus, if it is a classic Anime then it will be a favorite amongst the public for really long time. Including if they read the Manga they'll be curious if theres an Anime, right.

On the English version of the Furuba DVDs, there is an interview that the director is in. The question was asked about the second season his reply...

"Since the Manga Is still being made, do you think there will be a second season for the Anime?

Let's see... I can't even think about that right now. If and when offered, I can consider it then. It was quite hard to create the 26th episodes and we had to forcibly gather up our great staff. They have done a great job doing more than pulling their own weight, even covering other areas. The main staff truly came through compared to other animation series projects. To do it again, I would have to question whether or now we can get the same results. We blindly worked on it with full power. There a certain level of passion there and I'm not sure we can do the same again with another Fruits Basket series."

The fans believe that they can do the same amount of effort the great staff did before. Although, we believe that the first season was great and we now that the director and the staff can do the same great job over again. We believe in the creators and the others members of your staff believed in it too in the beggining

There are shows that are old and still come back after years of being gone and are still as popular as the first part of the series. The Fruits Basket show just needs to have a good second season and if the story is too long to fit in the second season then a third season that everyone will love. When everything is settled, then it will be fine.

Yes, we know that the manga is great. But, don't you think that we should see the manga come to life with color, movement, sound, music,and pure emotion. Just don't you think that the addition of these effects will add more of an impact watching it then reading it. You don't have to entirely agree with this statement, but this is an addition to the petition.

Yes, we know that Fruits Basket may have to continue for a long time, but Inyuasha for example continued to have alot of season after the other.

The list continued from first part (continued)... To the Creators:

- Have a job that is known around the world instead of just Japan.
- Get a continuing job, as long as the 2nd (and maybe 3rd) season is really good or even better then the first season. We have hope in your staff and you that you can make a great season 2.
- Make a shojo Manga come to life by moving around and actually talking, including the songs that were in the anime. Thus the way that the great anime will be made in the second all depends on the spirits of the lives who make it.
- No more petitions and crane making for the creators to see anymore, if they'll accept them.
- And many other optimistic things to add for the making off season two.

We the fans entirely wish that the second to be made and hope it will be as good as the first or even better. We miss Fruits Basket and want to see more of this wonderfully unique story continue in an Anime. We are also are very grateful for season 1.


1.The show keeps to the original Manga story as much as possible
(but if it is to be made to make a scene with more *umph* go ahead, like the addition of Tohru and Hana helping Tohru to stand up in the 25th episode)

2.Have the same great staff:

-Series Direction: Aktaroh Daichi
-Character design: Akemi Hayashi
-Coloring: Shinji Matsumoto
-Art Direction: Chikako Shibata
-The animator and etc...
-If a staff member has retired then try your best to get another person that will do the same great job.
-And the other people who helped make the series the great way it is: The Fans and Watchers

3.To make the second season as good as the first season and as original or even better. We ask that they don't make it like a weird sequel, the fans believe that they can do great job.

4.Include Rin the Horse, Kureno the Rooster, Machi, Master Kakaeru, Kimi, and the upcoming new characters.

5. No too stress so much that the Fruits Basket lovers won't love it. Once again, we the Furuba Lovers believe that they can do a great job. The last season has gotten a great response from the Manga lovers anyways.

We the fans will not forget and continue to be interested. Doing nothing to let this opppurtunity for a second season will not help, but will only risk letting the opportunity slip away. Thus, we need to convince Studio Deen, TV Tokyo-Nas, and etc.. to know that Fruits Basket is worth producing before they decide otherwise. By just signing this it can help.

Don't you think thay have done a great job, they should just give us a chance and finish the wonderful touching story of Fruits Basket. We as fans ask nicely to approve the making season 2 of Fruits Basket, and let them know they will not regret it.

The plan is about the same as the other petition where we will send the petition to the makers like the Mangaka and the Producers through mail and email once we reach the target of 500 signatures. We will then send it again after every 100 extra signatures. The contact for TV Tokyo Nas and Studio Deen information is not known at the moment, so any information knowing how to get in contact, please feel free. But, there is a way to get a hold of the Mangaka and the Director. Do not lose hope.

The Other PETITION site: this is a MUST sign...

- http://www.petitiononline.com/fb2/petition.html
- Or Search- "Appeal for Fruit Basket Season 2"

(POPULAR: 10,000 and mor. Same petition topic for season 2, wrong Corporation... its not FUNimation who made it ists Studio Deen and TV-Tokyo Nas)

P.S. We understand that there have been no official news regarding the release of season 2 of the Fruits Basket Anime. However, we would like to make our feelings known.

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