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This petition is meant mostly for magicians to sign, because this is about preventing the art from being destroyed. However, whether you are a magician or not, read the following carefully and decide which side you take.

In the past few years magic has taken giant steps - more and more people are getting to know this secret art, buying magic tricks and supplies is easier than ever, and magic is generally in trend right now, thanks to the internet. Today it is possible for anyone, at any place in the world to buy any magic trick simply by just clicking a button and then watching an instructional video clip.

Let's go back in time about 20 years:
Magic was tremendously a more secret art back then and only selected few got to know the closely guarded secrets in magic. The people who called themselves magicians understood the importance of keeping a secret secret. "A good magician never reveals his secrets" someone has said.
Magic was not an easy road to go down, you needed to pay the price and take the time to practice and get more information.

Today, things are much different. In the past few years a new form of product in magic has been developed, called "Instant download". These instant downloads have gotten tremendously popular in the few magic shops that sell them. And it is no surprise. What could be an easier way to learn magic tricks? The magic book that normally took weeks to arrive at your door, is now available digitally in just seconds. Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Well this is not the case in reality.

The magic dealers who carry these instant downloads are most often violating the ethics in magic. Instant downloads are "catches" for people who are new to magic and want to learn a trick or two. In many cases, these instant downloads show a great disrespect to ethics and are ripp offs of some famous trick that was published years ago. They are easy to make because there is no need to go through the hassle of publishing a book or a video tape and taking care of copyrights laws, etc. Instant downloads are the easy way for magic shops to make money while showing awful disrespect to the art and the original inventors.
However, ethics seems to be the a small problem in this after reading the next paragraph....

When selling these kinds of products, one must remember that we are living an age of internet. There are some great benefits to this but also some bad ones. One problem that has been forming over the past few years is increased piratism in the music and film industry. There is one major factor that causes this - P2P programs. Those are programs that can be installed on a computer and allow people around the world to share illegal files of music, movies, almost anything.

This same phenomenon has already reached magic as well. Today these instant downloads can be found on P2P programs with users sharing them. It is possible for anyone to gain access to these secrets of magic for free, and without knowing anything about magic!
The so called magic community is beginning to divide into two parts: magicians and those who think they are magicians. The difference between these two is their knowledge. The latter group has learned everything they know about magic through instant downloads and therefore they are missing the entire "meaning" of magic.
They have only seen the show - but they've never visited backstage.

The future of magic, the art, is at stake here! 10 years from now, nothing may be manufactured in magic anymore, only in the form of instant downloads. Only the few dealers who dedicate their shops to selling these instant downloads will survive - and they too will collapse as soon as P2P programs take over and destroy the only remaining essence of magic - the secret.

By signing this petition you will announce your support to stop these instant downloads and be part of the people who are trying to save this art.

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