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To the Face of Mankind Developers, Duplex Systems i.e. Marko Dieckmann.

In the recent months with the development of the game, through its Closed Betas, Open Betas, and Retail status, we have seen the construction of a GM-backed system of governing known as the "Senate". This Senate utilizes a party system similar to that of modern democratic governments, where players of any faction join a party based on its left or right wing ideals and then vote in an election, allowing this party to gain seats of control in the senate.

Though this allows lower ranking members of factions to have some power in governing decisions. This however does not outweigh the many problems that arise in this senate, which are as followed

I. It slows down the game, hurting the Community

The Senate's voting system is defunct. It requires a minimum of 50\% attendance of all senators to call a vote. It however requires this to be done during a player-ran event, at a specified time. Due to real life constraints, and timezones, this can not always be attained. As a result, important votes go unanswered, and slow things down.

Once slowed down, the game is at a state of "limbo," and prevents factions of communicating. When factions are at war, or near it, the Senate doesn't even intervene, it looks out for player interests, rather the factions. But there is no game without the factions, so it essentially looks out for no one but itself.

This doesn't even begin to explain the process of introducing bills and laws that are hypocritical for this game. Events and wars can last days, where in real life they last much longer. These bills take weeks to just be introduced, let alone passed and in turn slow down the process and force conflicts that cannot be solved without intervention of a neutral party, like the senate, except the neutral party is ten steps behind.

II. The Senate inflates the economy.

To stipend and promote senatorial affairs, the GMs now offer 50,000 UC (Ingame currency) for each senator in attendance, and 200,000 UC for every bill passed (to the party it originated under.)

This money comes from nowhere, meaning it inflates the economy, and its a lot of money from nowhere.

If every senator were to attend, 2.2 million UC is in, and this doesnt include if bills are passed. This easily adds up and will hurt the already tense economy, which is importantly based upon supply and demand. As the senate inflates in money, it will only worsen the affects

III. It doesn't make sense.

The game is eight factions vying for power in the universe, and yet the senate is a bunch of players who cannot be over Rank 3, but have all the power. They control all the factions and get to decide how to intervene on wars.

As a result, the random players who are in a strong party make decisions for factions that are not even related. As a result, the factions (which matter) are shrouded by this system of broken democracy

The idea of senators is based on Colonies, but the colonies change ownership. As a result, being a senator for a specific world makes no sense, because there is no culture or definition to each colony, its just a world with resources and a couple buildings. The idea that there is ownership to it only makes sense if a faction controls it, not the parties.

The conflicts in this game originate from the factions, so the factions should decide how to handle it. Instead the Senate is just a group of parties not based upon factions that intervene and really shouldnt. The faction assembly ( lower house in this senate) is made for intervening on these issues but is restricted by the current setup when it can really be using its true potential.

Face of Mankind is based on eight factions vying for power. The

IV. Its hypocritical

Duplex originally stated that this game will be based upon Player events and roleplay, and yet the Senate is against this. The Executive Branch to the senate are GMs, and can only be GMs. It is stated they will veto laws and kill them without chance for revival, and also force the LED and FDC to follow orders of the Senate. As a result, its total GM intervention when felt necessary, as a result it kills any chance for exciting, unique roleplays, and forces traditional ideas, which is anti-evolutionary.

The Proposal:

1. Dissolve the "Party System" of the senate, remove all stipends and all senators, dissolve all parties and remove the entire system from the game

3. Revert to a more "Traditional" system where the factions send their representatives (like the faction assembly) to negotiate and discuss issues and problems that arise. Utilize the forums and the factions, rather some parties and using "colonies" (Which once again doesn't make sense)to solve faction's issues.

The faction assembly would be the only system. Its a negotiation area and neutral area to talk out issues. Its NOT a power and cannot force decisions on factions unless there is a unanimous vote for action (Excluding the faction involved)

There are no chairpersons, or executive powers, this is about the Factions, not a sole dictator

Every faction (in the case of voting on a decision that is considered NECESSARY to vote upon) gets 1 vote, period. In the event of a tie, the issue is considered again with rebuttles and then a final vote. If the tie remains, it does not pass.

4. The LED and FDC have their leaders and deserve to be a faction like any other, stop making them the personal toys for the factions they have to enforce laws upon and a group of GMs.

5. no more complex, pointless, and encumbering bills that attempt to create role play but instead forestall progress and make the game too complex.

This is about having fun, and exciting role play, not traditional or predictable garbage. Let the factions off their leash!

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