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This petition was created in an attempt to raise the awareness of The Pussycat Dolls' fan base wants to Interscope-Geffen-A&M Records / Universal Records.

Anyone with knowledge of the group is aware that Nicole Scherzinger is the lead singer, and this is one of the defining points of the group. Whilst we (the fanbase as a whole) have no problem with this, recent issues have arisen which we feel should be adjusted to benefit not only the satisfaction of ourselves, but also the group's record sales and the group as individual human beings.

We feel that the following points should be taken into consideration:

1. With the debut album ("PCD") live and studio-recorded vocals were provided by the other dolls. However, with "Doll Domination" a large majority of the recorded backing vocals were provided by Nicole Scherzinger and in recent live performances the other dolls' vocals are either pre-recorded (usually Nicole's vocals again) or non-existent with them carrying unused microphones. We feel that it is unfair on the others and that their talent is being wasted. We would like more live and studio-recorded vocals from the other dolls.

2. The departure of Carmit Bachar has resulted in more verses, bridges and backing vocals being covered by Nicole. We would like the other dolls to be given the opportunity to sing these. For example, Melody Thornton in Elevator, Love The Way You Love Me - Jessica Sutta has proven herself more than able to cope with covering Carmit Bachar's vocals in live performances on tour (eg. I Don't Need A Man) so why isn't she allowed to have more prominent vocals in newly recorded songs? ("Top Of The World" is a starting point but we want this to continue to a larger and more common extent)

3. The interest in The Pussycat Dolls' sophomore album is clearly lower than their debut. This is reflected in the sales, only just crossing the million mark on a worldwide basis, compared to over 7 million of the debut. Such a dramatic difference can't be blamed primarily on declining sales (although it may be partially due to a lack of urban crossover on US radio). We feel by putting more emphasis on the other dolls' vocals it could potentially attract interest back into the group and therefore theoretically increase sales (ie. more song releases like "I Don't Need A Man" or "Bite The Dust" from "PCD" or "Elevator" from "Doll Domination").

4. Nicole Scherzinger's voice is under a lot of stress covering a large percentage of the vocals during live performances. On a majority of performances she sings verses, choruses, bridges and adlibs whilst following complicated routines. If this continues it could potentially damage her voice and cause a great decline in her high vocal qualities. By using live vocals from the other dolls this will not occur. The use of pre-recorded vocals isn't neccessary when we have seen many examples of them being able to cope during performances both on tour and during the "PCD" era.

5. As time goes by it is usually expected that a group will become a closer, more wholesome unit and develop both artistically and vocally. Although there have been interviews making it clear that the other dolls are happy with Nicole being lead, we feel that it would be more beneficial to give more prominent roles to the dolls who excel more vocally than performance wise (eg. Melody Thornton) to ensure that the group do stay as close and happy as possible.

This petition is meant to cause no offense and is intended for the well being of the group. It would be highly appreciated if our views were taken into consideration. Thank you.

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