Thursday, April 15th, 2010

President Barack Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President,

We, the grassroots women of Sisterhood for Peace, are a diverse network of Sudanese women in the Diaspora and inside Sudan, as well as African American women. Weve come together to contribute to ending the violence and building sustainable peace within Sudan. Sisterhood for Peace is an initiative based in the United States that reflects the diversity of Sudan geographic, religious, racial, and ethnic. We are writing to you to express our disappointment with the Sudans current elections. Based on reliable sources on the ground in the Sudan, and circumstance that prevailed during the procedures, we believe that these elections were not conducted fairly. . As a result, the outcomes will not reflect the will of the people of Sudan.

On Monday, April 5th, a US Department of State spokesperson said, "In the end, we will judge these elections based on whether they reflect the will of the Sudanese people and whether they meet international standards for elections."

As a group that advocates for PEACE in all of Sudan, we appeal to your administration to honor your words and ensure that the results of these elections meet the international standards. Therefore, we are bringing to your attention brief patterns of mismanagements of the elections, which we believe require your serious consideration.

Highlights of grave allegations and deficiencies during election procedures:
Many poll locations ballots were printed improperly; peoples names were misspelled because of the inability of the National Election Committees (NEC) staff to translate the names accurately into the two main languages, Arabic and English, to allow nationals speaking either of the two languages access to vital voting information. In addition, citizens who are unable to read were being coerced when asking for instructions to complete their ballots.
Allegations of minors/children being allowed access to the polling by NEC officials while relatives fraudulently gave false information about their ages to justify their abilities to vote.
Names of some candidates running for elections were missing from some poll stations.
Possibility of evidence that the Election Commission is being run by the National Congress Party, therefore, its neutrality in the outcome of the election is not guaranteed

Mr. President, there are accumulating violations other than what is being mentioned to you that are exhibited through out the elections process.

Therefore, we ask you to consider the following:
Ensure that a US representative is assigned to investigate circumstance leading up to the allegations and misconducts of such crucial elections and the numerous reports of unfair and inequitable activities.
Monitor security during the period when the election results are announced to avoid social disorder as a repercussion from the unjust results of the election.
Delay validating the announced winner of the election until your administration completes investigations about the fairness of the election.
Validate legitimacy of the elections outcomes to Sudanese nationals.

President Obama, you have borne witness to the urgency of now since you took office and have responded to the Sudan problem by appointing General Scott Gration as the US Special Envoy. General Gration has worked tirelessly as he underscored the importance of simultaneously working on several different fronts to solve the crisis. We appreciate your efforts in keeping the momentum strong as our country faces yet another milestone in January 2011 on the referendum of south Sudan.

We only wish for PEACE and PEACE is what we need NOW in Sudan. We stand for the voice of marginalized women. Women of Sudan have endured long lasting suffering due to the war and Sudanese governments inability to prevail peace and equal livelihood for the citizens for decades. We call upon you to intervene and rescue the Sudan situation. We, the women of Sudan, and our sisters in America, stand and refuse to go through another blood spill; we have already lost more than two million lives and have seen our children and men slaughtered under our mere eyes. We want PEACE to prevail in all of Sudan. We call for fair elections.

With great hope for your intervention, we look forward to your response to this urgent correspondence.

General Scott Gration
Ambassador Susan Rice
GoSS Mission Office United Estates

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