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Petitioners support the reformed murderess Susan Denise Atkins gaining Parole in her dying days a society showing hardness and unusual cruelty to State Detainees risks breeding dis-investiture, exactly of the type that fed the Manson cult. Atkins hearing is scheduled for early September.

A Yale Law Review Time To Move On: The California Parole Boards Fixation with the Original Crime calls Parole an illusion as less than 1\% of inmates now get it, and even then it is often overturned by Governors playing up to tough on justice images. But the In re Lawrence case clarified that the only permissible reason to deny parole is current dangerousness. When evidence of rehabilitation is overwhelming, and the only evidence related to unsuitability is the gravity of the commitment offense [which] is remote and the conduct is unlikely to recur, parole should occur.

Susan was once a young depressed woman before being caught up in the Manson cult, identity stripped and renamed. Members were convicted for a range of offences relating to a murder spree that killed 8 innocent people and an unborn child in August 1967. Several stories given by different parties and by a once disturbed Atkins blurred understanding of her distinct role. But the result of a polygraph test, administered before a Parole Board meeting affirms Atkins did not fatally stabbing anyone. She herded, guarded or restrained victims, whilst under orders to aid male "Family" members.

Research will quickly turn up sensational articles that demonize her, or make caricatures of her and what transpired, seeking to freeze dry her in 67. But her humanity returned with her sanity. She is relieved her child born in the midst of this was adopted, so he'd not be part of the ugliness. And despite being reviled, she has since spent decades putting positive values back into the community, trying to atone for her involvement in the notorious murders instigated by Manson. Tirelessly working to steer at risk youth straight, deglamorising crime, her service history helping inmates and community groups is too extensive to list.

Furthermore, she has expressed remorse to ears perhaps traumatised into deafness, and opened a door offering to meet with victims present at a recent hearing, since a prior opportunity was thwarted. To no response. A descendant of two victims lately extended forgiveness to a co-offender, but negative responses to this seem to have caused this party to withdraw. Other victims have sworn on the Public record that theyll see to it Atkins dies in jail, and exhort the public to support.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has weighed in as a Condemner, but we (whove actually suffered homicide) think that in taking sides he abuses his station, and fails to get it. Unlike the original Prosecutor Bugliosi who now supports release. Detaining a cripple who has striven to make amends for 40 years is no way to reduce sorrow or embitterment. The homicide victims we represent would not approve of ongoing jail for this offender all considered. They would not want their loved ones or society carrying bitterness to this extent. Even if they had been rich or famous.

Atkins is multidimensional not a Polaroid. She was a victim of childhood loss and abuse at first, unlucky to run in to exploitation later. Cult brainwashing is mental violence, and as such affects ones faculties so is now a defense to murder. In 2004 Karen Robidoux was found not guilty of murdering her infant, because the Father was a controlling guru. And In Virginia another jury considered brainwashing mitigated at the sentencing of DC sniper Lee Malvo

Society lacked cult awareness when Atkins was dealt with it has learnt through the tragedy she is part of. It was long ago that Susan met all of the Law Enforcement stacked Parole Boards normal requirements. But the notoriety of crimes she participated in has thwarted any just weighting of her case. It is natural to desire the Boards recognition given her development and good record over a lengthy sentence. She is not in any position to have a fabulous time being paralyzed, but seeks to now spend time with family. Her upbringing was deprived, but now she has supports whore severely punished by her current arbitrary detention

Parole (rather symbolic now as she is unlikely moving geographically) is also needed to show the system is working as intended, for other inmates and societies benefits. Parole was set up to give offenders hope and cause to behave, which keeps institutions peaceable. It is supposed to reduce Institutionalization allowing inmates to contribute to society when they are fit, instead of just being a cost. Freeing Susan even just technically is only fair, and would not send a soft justice message given she has served "active" life.

Under amphetamine influence Atkins made callous comments to the pregnant victim Sharon Tate, as she was stabbed to death by another offender, but continued to talk about the crimes in an uncaring way at court hearings. She later explained that Charles Manson (an alleged Christ) conditioned his followers to believe people were already dead or should be, and that killing people for his "higher" purposes would be commendable. In early days Atkins candidly reported seeing victims as "things / mannequins", and guilt for not being more active. A testament to the extent of cult indoctrination. Prison reports show it took several years for Susan, and some other followers to recover a semblance of reality contact in psychological wellness. Should shocking comments made 40 years prior under mental disability, disqualify an old dying person who suffers from the mercy of being among family?

The death sentence given to all involved on March 29, 1971 was commuted to life with possibility of Parole. Someone sentenced as Atkins was in 1971 could as per building case law have been found not guilty or receive a reduced sentence today. We allege the State nearly executed someone who was acting in an extreme sort of hypnotism, then kept her prisoner 40 years, when other similar killers since have got clemency from juries delivering lesser penalties. Atkins was a psychological prisoner before she ever got her current sentence. It is time to give Atkins a small measure of human dignity, by allowing Parole. Parole is not complete unsupervised freedom, but a gesture in that direction that this inmate has earned. It is time.

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