Outrageous miscarriage of justice is being carried out and being protected and covered up with the in camera rule. sign now

I am disabled,my mother is 74 years old. My parent were divorced 3 years ago.But have been separated for over 25 years. He abandoned the family home at that time,was a serial adulterer,very abusive and violent. Anyway since then my mother and I have lived in our home for 25 years after my father simply abandoned and neglected us,a mother and 3 three children.But he has 3 years ago filed for divorce. He has a very expensive barrister and solicitors defending him. He wants the house we live in sold now in a terrible distressed property market,after 25 years of neglect. Now my mother has had a very weak solicitor who blocked incriminating evidence from 5 judges,our personal affidavits,testimony from a guard who was willing to testify over the abuse which resulted in a barring protection order disallowing him entry to our home,all blocked from our own solicitor who was meant to be defending us.But worst of all...my mother has paid all the mortgage on the home,has all the original receipts proving she paid the mortgage solely in full but our solicitor never even came in to court to present all of this evidence to any judges,she blocked all this,never to be seen or read in court.All this time,my fathers FALSE affidavits were shown to various judges,but they never contested and believed them to be true. In my fathers affidavit he,under sworn oath,claims he paid all the mortgage on the house and my mother paid none. While at the same time she had no representation to even get the opportunity to show this was untrue,ie perjury.So,now the judges have granted vacant possession order,ie eviction,to my father and he and his corrupt law team the carriage of sale and full rights to the sale of the home. That is 5 court orders now all to him,my mother is told she is in contempt of court and is being threatened with imprisonment.This is insane and outrageous,all she is doing is defying court orders because all the evidence and proof she has that she has paid the mortgage and also that he is guilty of perjury for saying in his affidavit that he has paid mortgage is all being blocked,never seen,read or presented in court,over 3 years now. All from her not being able to get proper legal representation.He is a criminal,guilty of perjury,abandoned his family 25 years ago,and my mum paid the mortgage personally. She has lived in this home,maintained it,paid all the mortgage and yet is in contempt of court for rightfully defying the orders which should never have been granted. And now,faces imprisonment if she does not comply. NOBODY,no judges yet have seen the mortgage receipts that she has paid in full,yet his affidavit WHICH IS FALSE,has been presented in all court hearings and accepted. This is an absolute incredible travesty of injustice. Can anybody help please,or give any advice? He is actually guilty of perjury but the corrupt high courts her in dublin say it is over,court orders were made and that is it.We need a strong solicitor to simply represent us and present this perjured testimony to a judge AND present the judge with proof that she paid the mortgage. No solicitor will represent us now,they just see...court orders piled up against us.One other thing,the case is in family law,but it is in camera,meaning the media cannot publicise the corruption. We need to expose this case to the public as the CRIMINAL legal system are cleverly being hidden within the "in camera" rule.

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