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Calling all persons, all parents, and all people that can make a difference in the life of a child. We need to stand together to make changes to regulations and policies both to the Family Laws and Criminal Code. Police want physical evidence of abuse stating that mental and verbal abuse are not that serious and are not criminal. However, we need to petition both the federal and provincial governments to get changes to the provincial regulations and ensure that the federal government takes this issue seriously and takes necessary steps to safety and security of our children, next generation. We cant blame all young offenders on the parents, daycares workers are responsible for 8 to 10 hours a day of our children and we need collectively as the public to get involve make noise and change things for the better. Changes must come at a cost of education, registration and strict rules before just anyone can take care of our children. Daycares are popping up everywhere in Canada, its so easy to open up a daycare and no one does checks, workers are lying to obtain children in their home and abuse is being done under our noises. I know my son was abused by a daycare worker that was supported by the CPE and continued for several months. We were not allowed in the house past the front door. She made up lies that they went out, that my son wouldnt eat, diapers never changed, marks on his little body, restraints being used so he couldnt move from the same place for hours. The changes that need to be made to ensure the safety, welfare and security of our future are as follows:
1. One year of early education training, first aid and CPR;
a. This proves that the individual wants to work with children and is doing it for more than the financial situation.
2. Criminal Checks through CPE for the province of Quebec and RCMP for the rest of Canada;
a. Criminal records by the regular police force only check for any criminal records, but do not look for pedophiles, terrorists, any types of arrests..
3. Every person taking care of a child or children we want to have a permit, and registered through the province or federal government on a website.
a. This website would provide evaluations on the daycare provider for future parents looking for daycare services. This would provide an inform decision and full disclosure of all complaints.
b. Names of parents that currently are at the daycare can be added to a voluntary list under the daycare providers name so that parents can speak to each other and share information should that need arise. Parent wont be forced to share their private information such as name and phone number but this would provide a quick way for prospective parents to use these parents as references. Fake references have been provided in the past and we want to avoid that.
c. Complaints can be made directly to this registry and to the organization monitoring this site so parents can log complaints quickly, efficiently and ensure that the daycare is reviewed accordingly for their actions.
4. All daycares Berso, CPE or private daycares all have unlimited visits surprised or otherwise, this would allow for complaints to be checked promptly.

Do you know dogs get more attention than our abused children get. If the police and child welfare took abuse seriously and included mental, psychological and verbal abuse as a criminal act then we might be in a better position to protect our children but unfortunately we are not there. Help me to help one child at a time.

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