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Petition: Our Call for the Release of Ernst Zьndel

We have all heard about the repression being practiced in the United States against Arabs, Muslims, and others in this post 11 September 2001 age, when the American state has taken on greater authority than before to track down dissidents or suspected dissidents on the grounds that they are somehow supporters of "terrorism."

Ernst Zьndel is a German-born, Canadian citizen who has become famous for "denying" the Zionists' favorite legend - that six million Jews were deliberately murdered in gas chambers by the Nazi Regime during World War II. In terms of his age, he is now in his sixties. He is also a pacifist. Obviously, he has not been jailed because he poses any kind of physical threat to established power.

Why then has he been in jail without charge for two years?

In courtrooms and publications, Zьndel has repeated that there is no proof whatsoever for the claims that 6 million Jews were gassed to death in World War II. For this exercise in free speech - namely, casting doubt on a particular Jewish legend and openly demanding documentation for that claim that serves as the main justification for the Zionist rape of Palestine, Zьndel was denounced in Canada as a supporter of anti-semitism and racial hatred. He moved to Tennessee in the United States and married another German immigrant, but was arrested in February 2003 for not attending an immigration meeting - a meeting about which he says he was never informed.

Zьndel is now fighting deportation to Germany where he faces a long prison sentence, again merely for having exercised free speech and questioned the legend of the deliberate murder of six million Jews. Zьndel has never been convicted of a criminal offense in Canada, nor was he even found to have violated Canadian hate crime laws, yet in the post 9-11 era he is being treated as a dangerous terrorist because aggressive and racist Zionist institutions like the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Canadian Holocaust Remembrance Association, the so-called League for Human Rights of B'nai B'rith, and the Jewish Anti-Defamation League want him silenced.

Unable to provide evidence to back up the holocaust legend that serves them well as a justification for Zionist mass murder in Palestine, the Arab world, and around the globe, Zionist organizations instead are wielding their influence within the organs of state repression in western countries to gag a 'thought criminal', a man who simply called the Zionists' bluff.

Regardless of his controversial ideological affiliations, if the 65-year-old pacifist Ernst Zьndel can be packed off to prison as a "terrorist" merely for questioning a Zionist legend, every fighter against Zionism and colonialism can start expecting a knock on the door.

Free Ernst Zьndel . . . because you might be next!

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