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Equestrians are requesting the County of Santa Clara and City of Milpitas relocate current plans to build an off-leash dog park in Ed Levin Park. Current plans are to build a park in the Spring Valley area, which is adjacent to equestrian trails, equestrian picnic area and arena. There is an alternate site in the Sandy Wool Lake area that would meet the requirements of dog owners and is not located near any horse trails. Equestrians are very concerned with the safety issues having dogs too close to popular horse trails.

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Latest Signatures

  • 02 May 201043. Carloe
    change the location of the dog park away from the horse trails
  • 01 May 201042. Sarah
    I think having a dog park is a great idea as I own a dog,but I also own a horse...and as many horse owners know a dog darting in front of a horse can be a dangerous situation for horse, rider and dog pls reconsider a dog park in another area so all can be
  • 26 April 201041. Patty
    Having an off-leash dog park adjacent to equestrian trails has the potential for unpleasant and potentially dangerous situations. Proper fencing would be required to ensure safety for all trail users. Even with fencing, there could still be some accident
  • 25 April 201040. Nicole
    no opposition to a dog park, just not close to the horse trails and facilities as that creates an unsafe environment for everyone
  • 25 April 201039. Shannon
    We don't want dogs at Ed Levin Park and we frequently ride or horses on the trails.
  • 25 April 201038. Stephanie
    I'm sure most horses are used to dogs, but not all dogs are used to horses. If one dog were to run at the fence you can be sure the "pack" instinct would prevail and other dogs would join in. It could result in a serious injury to riders. Since there is
  • 25 April 201037. Laura
    I am a regular visitor to Ed Levin park to ride my horse. I believe it will be a problem for horseback riders to have a dog park so close to the trail as the running, barking dogs could/will spook the horses and could put the riders at a greater risk of i
  • 25 April 201036. Marguerite
    This is regarding the new development of the dog park in Ed Levin Park. I use the horse trails in the Spring Valley area quite often. Putting a dog park next to the equestrian trails I believe would not be a responsible thing. Closing these trails to eque
  • 25 April 201035. Barbara
    Please consider relocating this wonderful dog park. Thank you.
  • 24 April 201034. Mindi
  • 24 April 201033. Edward
    No on the proposed location of the dog park.
  • 21 April 201032. Susanna
    Dog parks are great, we have one in Clayton and it is well used. However, dogs and horses are not a great combination. This is evidenced by the heavily equestrian Mt Diablo state park, which has a no dog policy.
  • 19 April 201031. Susan
    Please put the dog park further away from the horse trail!
  • 18 April 201030. Brenda
  • 18 April 201029. Rudy
    I strongly support looking for an alternative site for proposed Dog Park within Ed Lavin Park.
  • 18 April 201028. Lois
    I am in favor of locating the dog park in an area away from the equestrian trail. I have both horses and dogs and ride in the Ed Levin Park and would appreciate the dog park not being so close to the equestrian trail.
  • 16 April 201027. Sally
    There should be enough space for all of us to enjoy the incredible beauty of the park. There are many equestrians who enjoy these trails and there needs to be a fenced in spot for the dogs so the dog owners don't let them run loose on the trails (have al
  • 15 April 201026. Gene
    The safety of people should come first before Dogs! Common cense says that dogs should not be around horses!
  • 15 April 201025. Karen
  • 15 April 201024. Rosemary
    I board my horse at Diamond-W stables and would greatly prefer that the dog park be placed in a different location.
  • 15 April 201023. Judith
    Owner of several horses.
  • 15 April 201022. Steve
    Please move the dog park away from the horse area.
  • 15 April 201021. Jayne
    Avoid the accidents and lawsuits, think smart and move the dogpark.
  • 14 April 201020. Pat
  • 14 April 201019. ERNIE
  • 14 April 201018. Erin
  • 14 April 201017. Angie
    I grew up in this part of the world and still enjoy it's tranquil beauty and lack of development. Please don't encroach the environment with more man-made implants. And please be aware of the safety and security to horses and their riders. Thank you.

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