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Committee to Raise Funds for the Legal Defense of Ms. Linda Vu

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Open Letter

Respectfully addressed to: Spiritual leaders of our community; Representatives of the various organizations, associations, and political parties; Members of the press; Philanthropists, community advocates, and the general Vietnamese refugee community living abroad

To whom it may concern:

We the undersigned are political refugees who fled from the current regime of the Vietnamese Communist Party, and are currently living in the United States of America:

1. Nguyen Thi Le, Virginia

2. Tran Thien, Louisiana

3. Nguyen Tuong Thuoc, New Jersey

4. Doan Trong Hieu, New Mexico

5. Tran Buu Hanh, Colorado

6. Huynh Quoc Binh, Oregon,

7. Bui Huu Tri, Texas

8. Co Vuong Lan, Oregon

We do not represent any single religion, organization, or association. We are simply individuals moved to action before the sight of a grave injustice who have banned together to sign this petition in hopes of calling attention to an important matter that has unfortunately gone unnoticed.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

In life events sometimes happen that are hard to believable and that defy common logic. For instance, while the Vietnamese refugee community abroad is tirelessly working to raise the yellow Vietnamese Freedom and Heritage flag as a sacred symbol of freedom and righteousness, to serve as the glue that binds us all in our opposition to communism via lobbying for resolutions recognizing this flag around the country, so too have the Communists succeeded in some instances in their efforts to lower our Yellow Flag. Take for instance, the case of some number of individuals who have recently taken it upon themselves to remove the yellow Vietnamese Freedom and Heritage Flag from a small Vietnamese-American business center in Minnesota. That act is an insult not only to the Vietnamese community in Minnesota, but to the entire Vietnamese peoples living around the world. The Vietnamese community in Minnesota has demonstrated their discontentment by peacefully protesting in front of the business of the aforementioned individuals. But instead of acknowledging their mistake and apologizing to the Vietnamese community, these individuals decided to challenge the Vietnamese community by suing Mrs. Linda Vu for loss of income and slander. The result of this trial was a judgment passed upon Mrs. Linda Vu whereby she would have to pay $700,000.00 in damages. In order to appeal, Mrs. Linda Vu needs approximately 22 thousand US dollars to hire a qualified attorney to ensure that her punishment is overturned. Additionally, Mrs. Linda Vu needs another $15,000.00 to pay for legal fees already incurred. For more details, please visit to read Mrs. Linda Vus official statement on this matter.

Ladies and Gentlemen:

In 1972, in order to raise our yellow flag atop the fort at Quang Tri, countless soldiers of the Republic of South Vietnam gave their lives. Today we cannot allow a helpless woman sacrifice alone when she has led the fight to raise our flag. Through the actions of those individuals who have disrespected our flag, we assert that this instance is a trial run by the Vietnamese communists to gauge and test the reaction of the overseas Vietnamese community, much like the Tran Truong incident in Southern California. If we demonstrate any fear in face of their attempts to sue, or if we make light of this situation, then in the future the red flag of the communist will surely be raised around the country and we will have to spend much effort in lowering them.

We sincerely appeal to those who still consider themselves part of the Vietnamese refugee community and who hope to preserve our yellow flag as the symbol of our people to support the defense of Mrs. Linda Vu. In joining the Committee to Raise Funds for the Legal Defense of Mrs. Linda Vu, we realized that: If the freedom-loving Vietnamese people wish to end the current totalitarian communist regime but remain passive and do not mobilize against those communist agents who blatantly attack those who support the anti-communist cause abroad, then it will be greatly difficult to succeed at home in Vietnam. In joining this particular struggle, we are not only standing up in defense of a single woman, but we are also actively contributing to the greater cause of fighting communism through tangible actions. We resolve not to claim unity through hollow declarations or to issue grandiose anti-communist statements, but merely to oppose the communist and to do what is right according to our conscience. Please do not allow younger generations to lose their courage and faith when we call upon them to join our struggle to free Vietnam, which will surely happen if people such as Mrs. Linda Vu are left to fall in this struggle.

Aside from financial support, please take the time to spread the word to raise awareness and to write letters of support in English so that Mrs. Linda Vus lawyer may have them to show to the Court the importance of this matter to the Vietnamese community.

Linda Vũ

P.O. Box 40237

St. Paul, MN 55104, USA

Phone: (651) 675-9741

For donations to the Linda Vu Legal Defense Fund, please make checks payable to:

VMC (Vietnamese Media Corporation)

Memo: Linda Vu Defense Fund

Send checks to:

Sinh Nguyen

Law Office

Attn: Linda Vu Legal Defense Fund

900 S. Washington St.. Room 117

Falls Church, VA 22046, USA

We sincerely wish you the best of luck in 2007 and hope that you will actively join in efforts to oppose communism.

Written on January 1, 2007.


The Committee to Raise Funds for the Legal Defense of Mrs. Linda Vu

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