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Open Letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations

H.E. Kofi Annan
United Nations, New York.

June 9, 2003.

Your Excellency,

In light of the rapidly deteriorating situation in Burma, we, undersigned, would like to call on you to raise the case of Burma at the UN Security Council. The recent premeditated state-sponsored attack on the National League for Democracy indicates that the military regime is prepared to even terrorize its own people if they feel their power has been threatened.

In response to the brutal crackdown on the NLD, and the regimes failure to disclose true facts about the violent incident, frustration and anger have been rising within the Burmese society. Unless, there is timely international intervention The increasing political tension and confrontation between the regime and the oppressed people can lead to a civil unrest and another round of bloodbath like in 1988. If the situation remains unchecked, political instability in Burma against the background of general economic down turn will have serious impact on the regional stability.

We have been closely monitoring the efforts of your special envoy, Mr. Razali Ismail, who is now in Burma. Given the violent and confrontational stand taken by the regime against the NLD, the chance for the success of a UN facilitated political settlement is quite slim. Regimes consistent refusal to fulfill the terms of the executive UN resolutions and to fully cooperate with the UN Special Envoy is a violation of the UN Charter, which requires every member state to put joint efforts with the UN for the protection and promotion of human rights.

We believe it is time for the United Nations to consider an intervention in Burma to help restore democracy and human rights, an aspiration of the people of Burma for many decades. We are hoping that Your Excellency will be calling an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to consult and explore with the council members the findings of the Special Envoy on his return from Burma. We believe that because of the urgency of the problem in our country, Burma will be considered a priority agenda at the United Nations and that you personally will visit Burma as soon as possible to resolve the problem.

Yours Sincerely,





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Latest Signatures

  • 30 December 2015100. Iginwalla Rollins
  • 20 November 201599. Elisabeth W
    more than 3 months and nothing is done... the french medias just ignore Burma !
  • 30 August 201598. Ssoo Ware
    We the burmese have already made very many, many sacrifices. Countless individuals have been murdered, imprisoned, disappeared, tortured and raped. The People of Burma are acting courageously and refused to be silenced.
  • 24 May 201597. Nyi Nyih
    Milosovich, Pinochet, Charles Taylor... The SPDC's name belong to the list of leaders who terrorise their own people. We request, no we beg your help in our cause for freedom and restoration of human rights.
  • 16 May 201596. Khadija M
    Support the fight for a free Burma!
  • 12 May 201595. Raphael H
    I am behind the burma struggle for freedom and the need to remove the military dictatorship which has no place.
  • 05 May 201594. Than Mcgrath
    Please help Burmese people free from ruthless military junta
  • 14 April 201593. Jason G
    Failure to act in Burma is a disgrace on the UN and a blight on the international community.
  • 13 March 201592. Than Le
    Pls help burma to free Ms.Su Kyi. we beg you pls.
  • 28 November 201491. Irrawaddy Mata
    Other NLD officials share his suspicions, noting that while Suu Kyi is taking a flexible approach in order to jumpstart political dialogue between the opposition and the government, she would never make any drastic policy changes without consulting other
  • 30 October 201490. Wilson S
    Need to take action Urgently...., New York 11385
  • 04 September 201489. Khin Maungs
    Take action to brutal military generals of Burma.
  • 10 August 201488. Mya S
    this matter is very urgent please,before the widespread blood shed breakout in Burma.
  • 31 July 201487. James Kh
    we should write about why did the asean ignore the sufferings of Burmese ? Were the asean leaders given bribe by SPDC ?
  • 26 June 201486. Mahanti Valencia
    All we are saying is give PEACE a chance...
  • 23 March 201485. Sandi Martin
    UN has not done enough to protect the powerless people. Rwanda and Former Yugoslavia are just a few examples. It's time to take actions against perpetrators, SPDC and its cronies. Do not let the people of Burma suffer anymore!!! This will be a good ti
  • 04 March 201484. Thomas P
    I will help.
  • 28 February 201483. Sayed A
    We, Rohingya youths need a pemanent solution of Burmese Rohingya.
  • 10 February 201482. Zaw Moea
    Free Burma ,,,,,,,,,Free Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and Political Prisoners
  • 17 December 201381. See H
  • 21 September 201380. Pino Huerta
    I am just curious to learn how did a low grade IQ 65 moron like yourself get such a cushy job? WHO GAVE IT TO YOU AND WHY????
  • 24 March 201379. Elena S
    Don't give up.. march on to freedom Burma.
  • 28 October 201278. Tharhmwe Wilson
    free aung san suu kyi
  • 16 July 201277. Thida Hensley
    Democratic Voice of Burma (DVB)
  • 07 March 201276. Khin Z
    forty years of military rule is terrible,it should stop now
  • 30 September 201175. Nyunt Nyuntt
    "We need to take a serious look at the efforts of the United Nations Secretary Generals special envoy to Burma, Razali Ismael. Are his efforts hampering or helping the struggle for freedom in Burma?"--Peter King, United States Congress (R-NY)
  • 10 August 201174. Thet Naingw
    Please remove Military dictatorship(Thugs) resentatives from the UN.

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Open Letter to the Secretary-General of the United Nations


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