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Background (preamble): We request that legislators draw up new laws to protect workers in all fields from workplace mobbing, immobilization and bullying. Every worker has a right to a healthy workplace environment.

Market will promote healthy businesses and demote others is a great idea. History also taught us that great ideas are subject to aging. One cause of aging is that people are smart elements in that ecosystem. Aging occurs when people exploit weaknesses of the great ideas and start mobbing against them. Hence the need to draft new bills in order to support those promoting healthy practices and also to shake the ground beneath those who promote otherwise.

Workplace mobbing is ganging up by coworker in order to secure mob-mutual workplace gains such as superiority, longevity, and etc. Mobbing serves as a safety net for its gangsters in order to secure those force-proclaimed workplace gains. Mob gangsters tend to cook/claim the achievements of outsiders as of theirs, threaten outsiders of displacements or even fire untamed ones. Mob gangsters also undermine achievements of outsiders in order render them immobilized. Immobilization is to ensure that outsiders are surpassed by mob insiders and hence outsiders are always replaceable and insiders are key elements to the prosperous of the mob and illusionary prosperous of the business. Mob focuses on promoting mob-mutual interests and may violate business interests and also victimizes respective individuals. Such noncompetitive practices expose outsiders to psychological stress which affects their quality of life and may have undesirable long-term effects. Such non-competitiveness brings jewel businesses down and deprives Ontario of its business and hence of its prosperity and welfare.

Workplace mobbing, immobilization, and bullying are all signs of aging concepts that need further scrutiny. The concept that businesses with abusive and unhealthy practices will eventually vanishes, is of concern here. The impacts of such practices on coworkers and on the civil environment are worth drafting new bill that hold aggressive employees liable to their actions and also punishes the retaliation against the complainant.

We wish to reach out to Ontario people to educate them that such behavior has several undesirable direct effects on fellow Ontario coworkers and also loss of great Ontario businesses. We believe that with a legislation in place that addresses the aforementioned practices is beneficial to all Ontario people and businesses alike. Businesses will then have interest in drafting policies to diffuse mobs, encourage respective individuals to speak up with no fear of retaliation. We want a legislation to be passed to put an end to such abuse. Individual plaintiffs should build their own case. We do not want to introduce extra layer of bureaucracy into Ontario government or incur additional burden upon taxpayers shoulders.

We wish healthy workplace for all Ontario coworkers. Mobbing could have a long-term irreversible effects over victims and it is an aggression against individual civil rights as per Leymann http://www.leymann.se/English/13100E.HTM. Mobbing could also yield applicable laws such as Bill 168 http://www.ontla.on.ca/bills/bills-files/39_Parliament/Session1/b168ra.pdf crippled or even ineffective. We request that legislators bring up experts and discuss how victims suffer and how Ontario loses businesses. Once we have expert say we ask legislators to act accordingly and draw up new laws to protect workers and promote healthy workplace ethics.

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