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Objection Petition
For Vanaz-Ramwadi Elevated Metro

Municipal Commissioner
Pune Municipal Corporation.

Dear Sir,
There is no doubt that Pune needs a good public transport system. Hence we welcome any mode of public transport which would be people-friendly and of long term use for solving the serious traffic problems Pune is facing. However, there has to be transparency and wide public consultations before taking any decision in the matter.
Here are our objections, information we need and some queries we need answers to:

1)DMRC proposal for Vanaz Ramwadi route
Why independent study of the DMRC (Delhi Metro Rail Corporation) proposal not done by PMC? We need to know whether the proposal will be really useful for us, what impact it will have on us and our city. We will then decide whether we want it.

2)Burden on citizens :
We want the PMC to make it very clear what the additional financial burden on citizens would be, the period for which we will have to pay it etc. before decision about the project is taken.

3)Single option, no choice in DMRC report :
We want to know why the PMC has not asked for various options from the DMRC before making the decision, which is a costly, long term, irreversible commitment for the city.

4)Integrated traffic and transportation plan required :
In the absence of integrated plan for Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad (or rather the entire Pune Metropolitan Region) we fear that the Metro in its present form would not be cost-effective and may even worsen the existing traffic mess in Pune rather than easing it.

5)Elevated metro on congested roads :
Elevated metro with pillars at road centre on high density arterial roads (like Karve road, JM road, Sasoon road, Railway station area etc.) will mean reduction in the carriageway width of the already congested roads aggravating the problem.

6)Large metro stations and impact :
Massive Metro Stations, one each at every one km (total 16) will mean land acquisition, demolition of existing buildings on roadsides and cutting of hundreds of trees due to insufficient clear space. Also access to stations will be a serious problem for citizens as stations will be at congested locations on road.

7)No parking space at metro stations :
As per the DMRC report, vehicle parking place cannot be provided at the stations as these are located in congested areas. People with own vehicles will hence not be able to use the metro.

8)Violation of DC rules and fire safety norms :
The Metro Stations would be very close to existing buildings without sufficient natural ventilation, light and circulation space between the structures. In case of fire mishap, quick access to the site and rescue will be hampered.

9)Metro alignment not possible along road :
As per the study of DMRC report done by experts, Metro alignment is not possible at existing road turnings like Paud Phata junction, Khandujibaba Chowk, Sancheti Chowk and Railway Station. This means metro will deviate from road, causing further demolition of buildings including few heritage ones and also land acquisition to accommodate the turning radius of metro .

10)Future options on road closed :
Elevated metro on road will also mean permanently closing all future options along the route for public transport, road infrastructure improvement as well as beautification etc. This is not in the citys interests.

11)Shifting of underground utilities :
Elevated Metro will mean large-scale shifting of surface and underground utilities such as water, sewage, electricity, telephone, storm water drain, traffic signals etc. We are not ready to face such disruption in services for long periods. None of the major civic works undertaken by PMC till date have ever been completed on time - one glaring example being the BRTS project.

12)Impact of 4 FSI :
4 FSI has been proposed for 500 mtr stretch on both sides of metro corridor to raise funds for metro. This densification will distort the fabric of the city and affect quality of life.

Transparency and public consultations a must : Metro is a very costly project and decision will impact city for 100 years and more. Hasty decision if proved wrong later would be disastrous for the city. Ultimately it is we citizens who will suffer. Hence, we expect complete transparency before PMC takes decision on the metro project.

Our demands are -
1.PMC should form Pune Metro Citizen Committee comprising experts, PMC and citizens groups for deciding on metro.
2.PMC should hold public meetings in big auditoriums like Bal Gandharva Rangmandir where we want the PMC officers to explain the plan and answer all questions and doubts put forth by citizens.
3.PMC should not float any tenders or award work contract for the Metro in its current form as per DMRC Report.

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Latest Signatures

  • 20 December 201550. Girish D
    1. complete review of the seriously flawed DPR needs to be undertaken
  • 21 October 201549. V Kn
  • 19 September 201548. Vinita D
    If Pune has to get a metro, it should be a well planned one, not in its present shoddy form!
  • 28 May 201547. Sameer S
    I don't want the metro to ruin the quality of life in Pune
  • 18 April 201546. Anubandh H
    I support this petition
  • 10 April 201545. Ajay Jn
    Improving the BRTS and the roads in Pune should be on a priority.I think if the local bus transport is privatised it will show a big improvement in the local transport system.
  • 04 March 201544. Milind K
    In my view we should have monorail,which will cover the existing route created for BRTS from Kasarwadi to Nigdi which will be circular in design,one route can be extended from kasarwadi to hinjewadi via chinchwad gaon, aditya birla hospital, thathawade,to
  • 28 December 201443. Col Retdaml
    Let us not imitate larger cities who have bigger inner areas. We need to find an option that suits and it is better to wait and improve tfc discipline till then.
  • 31 August 201442. Shirish K
    I support this petition
  • 26 August 201441. Narendra D
    No project of this magnitude can be executed without complete study and transparancey about scope, effect and management of resources , inention and effeciency. We must be prepared for a METRO project in Pune that is appropriate to the city's physical cha
  • 24 June 201440. Nitin S
  • 18 June 201439. Kirankumar J
    The Underground Metro should be outside the city in view of security point. The road transportation service should be needed to be made efficient. If a single terrorist attack on elevated or underground Metro can collapse the whole law and order situation
  • 06 January 201438. Deepa C
    I support this petition
  • 22 December 201337. Aditya I
    I support this petition
  • 10 December 201336. Vikrant P
    I support this petition
  • 02 December 201335. Kunal S
    I support this petition
  • 19 August 201334. Ashish Pd
    A project of such magnitude and which will impact Pune residents so severely cannot be started without full discussion and transparency. PMC's record in managing the city's infrastructure is patchy at best, and much smaller projects have not been executed
  • 21 November 201233. Sudha N
    you need to relook at the Metro for the benefit of Citizens of Pune
  • 04 July 201232. Aditi W
    I support this petition
  • 05 June 201231. Maheswaran Pineda
    Please Stop This Project. Responsible people over the country and experts also have expressed against Metro. We need underground transpoprt and city should be clean.
  • 23 May 201230. Nidhi D
    1. its time we youngsters got serious about the way we want this city to be run
  • 20 April 201229. Pushkar K
    I support
  • 24 January 201228. Pushkar J
    This irreversible work will destroy the fabric of our city. This has to be realised before its late.
  • 23 January 201227. Raja N
    Please have a proper study done before making any decision. Taking Delhi as an example is not the right thing as overground metro in Delhi may have been a success as Delhi is less densely populated.
  • 28 December 201126. Nvswadi Greer
    The projects needs careful study including cost-benefit aspect.
  • 02 December 201125. Somayeh H
    with so much money involved and so much commison being doled out even i would have voted for the project if was working with the PMC .... bunch of uneducated goons running this beautiful city as corporators and officers
  • 13 October 201124. Ranjit N
    I support this petition

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