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To US Congressman Jerry Costello 12th District of Illinois

It is our opinion that a student in your district has suffered as a result of weak and non-enforcement of state statute [325 ILCS 5/4] . The student came forward with an allegation that adults in the school were injecting a student athlete with an unknown substance. The incidents according to the student witness was observed twice in a three week period. Once at school and once at an adults home before a scheduled game. The allegation was first delivered to the principle of the school, whom asked the adults if this was indeed happening. This course of action seemed out of the ordinary to the father and not in line with this type of allegation. The father then consulted the Sheriffs dept. whom recommended the father contact the School board. The President of the School board was contacted and alerted to the situation. The president asked permission to show e-mails to the Superintendent to protect against the fathers identity. The president then called the father and requested a meeting take place the following morning at 8am at the school. The father declined stating that would put his child at risk by possibly inadvertently allowing other students and staff to know his identity. It was then suggested by a follow up call from the board president that a meeting would be held after school at 5:30 pm on 3/31/09 The father and son arrived around 5:15 to find only the principle and vice principle had arrived. A few minutes later the father and son had to face their biggest fears, the accused adults arrived and sat directly across the table from them. The father was angered and removed his son from the room and demanded answers from the principle and the vice principle. They assured him that they were not responsible for setting the meeting up with the witness and the accused in the same room. The president of the board or the superintendent ordered this meeting to happen this way. The father informed them that it was their responsibility to report not to conduct the investigation. And that their actions have not only compromised a possible criminal investigation but had also harmed a child whom was trying to do the right thing. The father in an attempt to establish the principles reporting threshold asked the principle who started the investigation by tipping of the staff to the allegation What would you have done if Mary Joe informed you that she had been raped by the Vice principle..Would you ask him if he raped her ..yes she replied. The father then asked if he said no would you set the witness down in front of the accused as had happened to his son the answer was (yes I would). This was asked in front of several staff members as well as the board president and the superintendent. Sadly not one person objected or tried to contradict the statements. The father asked this question no less than three times and the answers were all the same. The witness since has been treated less than desirable by the staff. His identity has been made available making his days at this school miserable. This should have never happened, and we the people whom have signed this petition intend to see that it does not happen again. NOT IN OUR SCHOOLS MR. COSTELLO.

The law lacks the teeth to ensure that things like this do not happen. Had the law been explicit and had real penalties for those who fail to report accusations against co-workers. This may have resulted in an actual report and an investigation that was not compromised. We the people plead with you Mr. Costello that no other child will suffer as this child witness has.

copy of actual email sent to principle names blocked.

Mrs.xxxxxx, I regret that I have to inform you of a situation that has transpired over the course of the last few weeks but feel it is my duty to do so. In doing so I will put my faith in you and the system to correct this in an expedient manner without retribution towards the students who have reported this to me. I have gotten reports that Coaches on the baseball team are administering injections into a student athlete's elbow. This has been witnessed on more than one occasion at school and away from school. What is troubling to me and others is that this student may be at risk here. The coaches announced to the team that this student would be unable to play for the rest of the year, the very next day he was receiving an injection administered by the coach and was playing again in two days. A note all injections witnessed have been into the elbow joint. One can surmise that the student's doctor must have told him to not participate thus prompting the coaches to make the announcement. Someone in the group must of thought of an alternative solution. I know that you would agree that it is not in the best interest of the student nor that of the school to deviate from a doctors order.The injections are believed to be that of cortisone, which use in a young athlete is recommended only as a last resort therapy because of the damage it can do to the young tendons. Pain in the elbow after injections have prompted the student to ask others to drive him home. I know this story may seem incredible and I myself have wrestled with this since first learning of the situation. This has shaken my confidence a little and makes me wonder what else is possible here. I assure you that I do not have an axe to grind with anyone and in fact would not like to see anyone lose a job over this. As I stated above upon learning of this and hearing of a repeat episode on Saturday I felt compelled to at least let you know. If for some chance the Coach is a Doctor and the Volunteer Coach is a doctor and these injections have been ordered by a doctor would it not be wise to do these injections in a doctors office instead. I think by doing this in front of the kids we are sending the wrong message here. In closing I would like to stress to you that we may have some kids at risk here and would ask that you look into this further. Concerned Parent Both parent and Son are in the process of taking lie detector test to validate this with the public. It has to be heard.

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