Normalization of Vehicle Registration and Liability Insurance Fees sign now

Normalization of Vehicle Registration and Liability Insurance Fees

For the State of California

This petition is intended to impress upon the Office of the Governor of the State of California the need to re-examine and re-codify the current established guidelines by which resident citizens are charged for vehicle registration. Our current system clearly overcharges for what is widely seen as clerks sitting and typing information into a computer that already has the requisite information.

Article 1

We do not believe that different types, ages, classes, or price-ranges of vehicles have any affect on the registration process. When an inexpensive, light-duty truck is registered, it is the same process as when an exotic sports car is registered. The actual process of vehicle registration does not change significantly enough to warrant the prodigious disparity between the registration fees of the two vehicles above.

1A. We do not believe that vehicles should cost more or less to register, based upon the type of fuel it uses to derive motive force.

Article 2

We do believe that a small portion of our vehicle registration fees go to help maintain our roads and highways, and that this portion should only be reduced marginally. Much of the additional hidden fees involved in registration goes to government employee compensation and overall budgeted and non-budgeted expenditures. We wish to thoroughly examine and fairly balance the real costs of the registration process, in terms of man-hours, office equipment and supplies, and employee benefits, so that we can come to an agreement with our elected public servants about how much it costs to register any street-legal vehicle within the State of California.

2A. We do not believe that vehicle registration should expire unless 1) the registered owner(s) change their established place of residence, or 2) the registered owner(s) change their legal name or marital status. In either case, the renewal fee should accurately reflect the real costs required to perform the process. There is no need for vehicular registration fees to be annually recurrent.

2B. Our current system generates unnecessary need for law enforcement employees to monitor typically law-abiding citizens as they move about their daily lives. The time spent for a Police Officer to write a driver a ticket for expired registration is time that would have been better spent ticketing a speeding or dangerous driver.

Article 3

We do not believe that is ethical to be profiled by automobile liability insurance providers by age, gender or race. In the spirit of innocence until proven guilt, all drivers should be given the same lowest-plausible rate of premium and said premium may only be raised by blemishes upon the drivers record, or once annually, in tandem with the established and publicized local inflation rate. In addition to this, insurers should be allowed to gauge a drivers expected monthly liability insurance premium in whole, or in part, based upon the established value of the vehicle to be covered by the policy. The vehicle in question could be compared to a database of known vehicles and their respected monetary values such as the Kelly Blue Book, for example.

3a. Currently, insurers are allowed to charge an increased premium for drivers based upon their age or gender, regardless of whether the driver-applicant has any blemishes on their record.

3b. As vehicles age, so too do their publicly acceptable monetary values. Using the Kelly Blue Book example, the portion of the insurance premium that covers replacement of the vehicle could be adjusted to reflect the value of the vehicle in question. This accurate and publicized calculation should be used, at least in part, to downwardly adjust the rate of the liability insurance premium. This benefits both the insurer and the insured, as it is cheaper to supply the monetary equivalent of an older vehicle in the event of a total loss, and it decreases the financial burden on the insured over time.

We hope to make fair and ethical the combined practices of legally enforced liability insurance and vehicular registration. We demand to be equal under the great seal of The State of California. We call upon you, our elected servants, to strive for and guarantee the best interests of our citizens.

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