No Mercy for the Terrorist Afzal Guru for attack on Indian Parliament sign now

Honorable President ,
Govt.of India

We, Sons of Bharatha Matha, living in United States and elsewhere shocked to know that you accepted clemency petition for The Terrorist Afzal and Chief Minister of Indian state and several other personalities making a plea. We were proud of you and felt great about you and thought that atleast now, the Nation with one billion people has great personality as Head of the State. We further felt that atleast you brainstorm and correct the politicians who dont live to serve the nation but the vested interests. It seems we are wrong believing you as Statesman with Noble thoughts that live for the Nation.

At this moment also we havent lost faith completely. At this moment also we havent lost faith completely. Still we have a ray of hope ,therefore we as are requesting you to reject the mercy petition due to the following reasons :

1. He is involved in a conspiracy to blow off the Indian Parliament, the symbol of India's democracy.

2. Mercy to a terror mastermind is an insult to the entire nation and especially to the families of the victims of the security personnel that were killed during this attack.

3. In the past 59 years, many had laid down their lives for the nation and if the Government of India and the highest office of India have any respect for them, then a terrorist should not be pardoned at any cost.

4. If our government is so concerned about the terrorists then why should anybody sacrifice his or her life for the nation that shows sympathy to a terrorist? Such a consideration is nothing but a mockery of the law of our land.

5. He has been found guilty by the trial court and sentenced to death. His conviction and sentence have been upheld by higher courts. He has exhausted all judicial avenues for having his conviction and sentence set aside and the competent court has passed orders for carrying out the death sentence against him.

6. He waged war against Nation with intention to destroy, destabilize and terrorize Nation and its citizens

7. He committed acts of terrorism with help of enemy of India.

8. Forgiveness will neither be understood nor appreciated by these brutal terrorists who have no moral qualms about mercilessly taking innocent lives

9. He was responsible for the intentional killing of 10 members of the security forces and, hence, showing any mercy to him could demoralize the security forces bravely confronting the cancer of jihadi terrorism.

10. The execution of the death sentence would deter similar terrorist attacks in future.

11. If he is pardoned, we will be seen as a lenient and soft State. This will encourage other anti-national elements who will believe that they can get away with murder.

12. If we don't punish Afzal now, the problems will only escalate. Terrorism will get a boost and the morale of the country will go down. If the govt can't punish those who wage a war against the country, how will it protect common people? Given the atmosphere of terror in the country, the death sentence seems apt.

13. For attacking the parliament, Afzal deserves a punishment worse than hanging. He should be put to death in the worst manner possible so as to deter others from joining terror groups.

14. The only agenda terrorists have is mass killing; they will keep at it till they are put to death

15. Terrorists dont have the words Peace, Harmony and Pardon in their dictionary. They dont want to understand the meaning of these words. They know only killing. so its futile exercise to teach the meaning. Its better to speak their language i.e death punishment

16. if the execution of the Sikh security guards who assassinated Indira Gandhi and the death sentence passed on those who were responsible for killing Rajiv Gandhi were justified, why should a death sentence passed against a jihadi terrorist for killing members of the security forces be projected as unjustified?

17. What about justice to daughters of Kamlesh, who are deprived of a bread winning mother Kamelesh Kumari (former CRPF jawan) who was shot & killed first at Parliament gates by attackers as she guarded the gates?

18. If CRPF jawan Kamelsh Kumari had not alerted other CRPF personnel just prior to her death Afzal & his gang would have entered Parliament to shoot at random many other MPs and Ministers.

19. You rejected the mercy petition of a man convicted of raping and murdering a teenage girl in West Bengal in August 2004. Despite a massive public opinion campaign requesting you to commute the death penalty, You rejected the petition of Dhananjay Chatterjee, who raped and killed a 14-year-old in 1990.

20. Home ministry officials say that the number of mercy petitions pending with You(the president) from convicts on death row stands at 20. Many have been pending for years. Accepting mercy petition itself regrettable and it encourages perpetrators of crime to commit more and more such acts.

21. Security point of you, hope you remember Indian Airlines flight hijack in 1999 to get release of terrorists from the jail. Its shame to the nation with 1 billion people which cant execute the terrorists and contain terrorism.

22. As we know from past incidents, its extremely difficult to keep the terrorists in jails.

23. Is it right course of action, keeping the terrorist in jail and providing facilities who waged war against nation and committed heinous crime?

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