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We, the undersigned organizations, groups, and individuals, express our shock and dismay at the decision of the University of Denver, the Joseph Korbel School of International Studies, the office of Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, and the office of Colorado Governor Bill Ritter to invite Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat to speak in Denver. We ask that the hosts rescind the invitation immediately.

Barkat is one of many Israelis now touring the United States in an attempt to counteract the Goldstone Report, which finds credible evidence of Israeli war crimes committed in Gaza during its offensive 10 months ago. We believe that Colorado elected officials are doing a disservice to their constituents when they drag the state into Israels public relations efforts, which are irrelevant to Colorado voters.

Inviting Barkat to speak in Denver endorses the discriminatory policies of the state of Israel against the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem. For many months now, the municipality of Jerusalem has waged a systematic campaign to rid the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Palestinian residents. The plight of the Hanoun, Ghawi, and al-Kurd families, evicted from their homes and now living in tents on the ruins of their bulldozed homes, has been described in the press. At least 25 families face similar ruin. The Israeli policy implemented here is part of an ongoing and broader policy, guided by demographic considerations, to ensure that an overwhelming Jewish majority in the city is established. This policy, represented by Barkat, is premised on values that Americans correctly denounce as bigotry. Why should you embrace them, then?

According to international law and numerous UN resolutions, Israel's sovereignty in Jerusalem is illegal and is not recognized by the international community, including the US administration, which keeps almost all embassies to Israel in Tel Aviv. East Jerusalem is declared occupied territory in UN Security Council Resolution 242 and Israels claim of sovereignty over West Jerusalem is also called into serious question by international law, which is why Tel Aviv hosts the embassies. The European Union recently reiterated that all of Jerusalem, which U.N. Resolution 181 designated as an "international city," constitutes a "corpus seperatum" or distinct body from the State of Israel.

Barkats office perpetuates decades old Israeli policies to ethnically cleanse Jerusalem of its indigenous Palestinian Christian and Muslim population and force a demographic change to preempt any future negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinian.

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  • 18 December 2015100. John Victora
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    I support this petition
  • 21 November 201598. Sally K
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  • 17 November 201597. Azadeh Henson
    I support this petition
  • 25 October 201596. Katie M
    As a recent Korbel graduate, I can't believe that my alma mater would host such a divisive figure! Zip Code 80210
  • 09 October 201595. Juliet W
    I support this petition
  • 04 September 201594. Rukia M
    I support this petition
  • 03 August 201593. Mandi A
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  • 22 July 201592. Hazem S
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  • 02 July 201591. Shahidah Hampton
    No hosting Nir Barkat here in Denver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zip Code 80205
  • 16 June 201590. Nikki D
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  • 14 June 201589. Rachal Burke
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  • 27 May 201588. International Awarenessinitiatived
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  • 08 May 201587. Rebecca G
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  • 19 March 201586. Ryan L
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  • 27 February 201585. Emily R
    Do not support those who oppress, kill and separate. Create peaceful relations, ALL people need to love together. Zip Code 80302-8756
  • 05 February 201584. Ziad Km
    Alas, I wasted my vote for you Gov. Ritter Zip Code 80526
  • 07 January 201583. Shirmeen F
    I support this petition
  • 31 December 201482. Lynne F
    If you are going to invite such speakers with such radically oppressive views, the least you can do is to also invite speakers sympathetic to the cause of innocent Palestinians who are suffering horribly in a situation worse than S.Africa's apartheid regi
  • 24 December 201481. Shawn Rivas
    I support this petition
  • 14 November 201480. Jay M
    I support this petition
  • 07 November 201479. Stephen L
    As a citizen of Denver and having spent 4 months in Jerusalem this year, I am astounded and deeply disappointed that you would host this man, who has overseen blatant human rights violations Zip Code 80202
  • 13 October 201478. Said M
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  • 02 October 201477. Marie B
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  • 21 September 201476. Marcel C
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  • 21 September 201475. Mascolorado Kennedy
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  • 01 September 201474. Ida A
    Israel's war criminals are repulsive and do not deserve a platform in Colorado. Stop ethnic cleansing of Palestinians in Jerusalem NOW! Zip Code 80301

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