NHS Mental Health Worker In Sexual Relations with Clients - Reading patient files, Controlling and Abusing Mental Health Clients in Lancashire - We need your Help Urgently. Read on - It is like something out of Hollywood... sign now

This petition is a matter of Public Interest - this Statement is made in a good faith. Please read the story and only support it if you feel action should be taken. The NHS is a terrible organisation when asking for justice.

A little about me I am 30, I just graduated with a first class honours degree in public health and ethics. I am in recovery from alcohol abuse for a period of 5 years. I now also help out at a relapse prevention group at the same charity who helped me back on my feet. I also am committed to a mental health promotion project at my university.

Here the story begins..

A worker from Lancashire Care mental health services Lancaster was moved to a new job at a psychiatric ward at Preston Hospital after a series of complaints regarding serious gross misconduct. Previously he was a gym technician at the mental health gym.

I met this worker after he took my telephone number from a relatives file. (Without permission) After numerous telephone calls all claiming to be with regard to my relatives health he turned up at my relatives address whilst the police were present. I asked the police officer to not let him in, but he lied about his position within the trust and the police saw no reason to send him away.

He continued to pester meWe went for dinner.

I gave in. I am human I was flattered. I needed help from the NHS for my relative, I could not get any help at all, I was so glad of the support. On the first night he said he loved me.

Little did any of us know..

The mental health worker was in four physical relationships, often living more than one women at the same time, at least one would be a client from the mental health service, it had been going on for a period of 10 years or more.

I wondered why this man was so sensitive to me. At this point it was just nice.

Then I heard the name of the mental health patient who sexually assaulted me on my driveway at the age of 15. The worker told me that this man had been realised from a high security hospital and was living on the road right by my college. I was shocked, but glad this man had told me. He said, I will keep you safe and I thought he was a strong man and felt safe. I stopped going out with my friends. (This was all untrue)

Little did I know, the worker had accessed my mental health records and used the information contained to begin violent and controlling relationships with me and my relatives.

I started to become suspicious, Im not sure why, but I was.

Next he claimed to have Parkinsons disease. This is in fact untrue. This was used to extract money for private medical help from clients. Not from me, I wised up too soon for him, but another client with serious mental health problems had lost thousands at his expense. He told other clients he had testicular cancer, even a broken back?

This man had been holidaying with mental health clients in America, not part of his job, just another sneaky thing he did right in front of other members of staff. No one uttered a word. Another concern you would think?

He told me that my college tutor was a rapist this had been read in clients notes.

I was told information about many local residents what was wrong with them I did not want to know.

I was told that the staff in the NHS were corrupt, all sleeping together and took no notice of anything. This turned out to be the truest statement this evil man made.

A client whom he had lived with in the past was being forced to pay his utility bills up until October 2006. Just a little cross over from when he started to groom me.

A client with alcohol problems was encouraged to drink alcohol and drive, he was told there was no hope, no cure, no nothing. He has not been sober since, nor has he attended any hospital appointments. (My relative)

A client who was anorexic was subjected to being weighed daily.

Text messages were sent by this man to me, when he was working I am surrounded by nutters. (I still have these)

If you cannot provide evidence of things such as, claims of rape, iron burning as punishment, weighing anorexics daily and informing them that they are fat, rubbing food in an anorexics face (all mental health clients) etc. happening to other people, it would terrible, if not slanderous, to claim these events had occurred so I certainly wont be doing anything like that.

The clients can prove them, if only someone wanted to listen. The Trust did not want to know.

This was brought to the Trusts attention in October 2006. A formal complaint was made in person to the community mental health manager. (I made the complaint) This was not followed as a complaint. They used the internal disciplinary procedure. The complainant (me) continued to demand it be taken as a formal complaint and this was then taken around February 2007.

In March the complainant (me) was advised that appropriate disciplinary action was taken and reassurance given. They had simply moved the worker to Preston hospital to look after vulnerable clients (with mental health problems) (still under Lancashire Care Trust.)

The complaint response has still not arrived. (complaint given Oct 2006, it is now August 22nd 2007)

This is very frightening situation and I feel it needs bringing to the publics attention.

Vulnerable adults are being put in danger.

I have copies of letters from Lancashire Care about this matter.

Before the complaint in October, the worker had just finished a discipline procedure for breaking patient confidentiality. Still nothing was done, because the staff knew, I think they are protecting themselves, now let us protect those who are vulnerable, please help,

The Trust have lied and deceived me since the start of this complaint, I have been vilified and I am scared at what this man will do next.

The Trust have admitted that many of the issues within the complaint were proved, some were not, the ones which werent ??? Why? The barricade that the staff (executives included) put up against my actions.

I cannot fight this huge organisation on my own. If you think this man should be further investigated please sign.

If you think this man should be moved away from young children who may be influenced, please sign

If you worry for the mental health clients as I do, please sign.

Please support this petition so I can bring this matter to the attention outside the trust, someone who is not so corrupt.

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