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Dear Mr. Vinik,

For the record, your quest in making the Tampa Bay Lightning a world class organization has been nothing short of miraculous. Especially considering the amount of time that has elapsed. You've hired fantastic and well-respected people with stellar track records. To date, I struggle to come up with a poor decision that was made by you, or your direct reports.

Today, the first phase of the total brand transformation was announced. I for one am ecstatic insofar as your mission statement, and fan-centric operating philosophy. This is something that has not gone unnoticed by myself and the fans of the Lightning. This is something that has been a long time coming here in the Tampa area, and make no mistake, we DO appreciate and desire this to be the environment for many, many years to come.

With that being said, we have an extremely hard time accepting the direction the team has taken aesthetically. Specifically, the team's new logo and uniforms.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have existed for 20 years. For 20 years we have worn black, blue, silver and white. These colors are a part of our heritage. We wore these colors as Stanley Cup Champions not too long ago. For 20 years we have included design elements uncommon to any other team in the league. Specifically, under-arm victory stripes and vertical bolts on the pants. These elements have been stripped from our identity, and we now resemble the team from Toronto.

In addition and moreover, our logo has undergone modification only twice in the first 20 years. Now, we will have seen three Lightning logos since we were crowned Champions 7 years ago. The new logo is not classic, it is, in fact, modern. Its uneven, slanted oval does not suggest "classic" or "tradition" - even with the entire uniform's monochrome scheme. The new logo conjures up thoughts of DC Comics' The Flash, Flash Gordon, The Incredibles, The Grateful Dead, etc., and is now NOT getting positive press around the web. Our first logo, admittedly, was no Picasso either. It was however, our first identity. Our first flag, and something I hold near and dear to me. Our second iteration was a decent modernization of the old, and something we fans have embraced since then.

We, the Lightning fans, urge you to regroup. Our feelings for the new logo are unrequited. We urge you to reconsider your decision to opt for this logo as the main crest.

You have time to get this right. These jerseys are not for sale to the general public yet, and more importantly, the team has not played in them. Please take this request not as a demand, ultimatum or boycott. This is quite the opposite. Mr. Vinik, you seem to be truly engaged in the community and have the fans' best interest at heart. If that's the case, I and any fan who signs this petition will be unable to fully appreciate and support the new Tampa Bay Lightning branding going forward.

In closing, I would urge you to visit the following sites as reinforcement of this petition.

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Latest Signatures

  • 14 October 201550. Ben C
    add the victory strip under the arms and switch the home blues to black
  • 02 April 201549. Catherine B
    I support this petition
  • 30 December 201448. Josh T
    I'm a fan of everything except for the primary logo (both home and away). I feel it is much too "cartoony" and does not evoke the desired classic, traditional look
  • 21 October 201447. Bernice L
    I've been such a big Lightning fan for years, and this uniform change is such a mistake. Please don't do it!
  • 20 August 201446. Billy F
    I support this petition
  • 20 December 201345. Anthony J
    I support this petition
  • 25 November 201344. Karen O
    I support this petition
  • 06 November 201343. Jessica T
    I support this petition
  • 18 October 201342. Rebecca B
    I support this petition
  • 09 May 201341. Taylor M
    these uniforms are WAY to plain and boring. The logo is deflating if you ask me. The current logo and uniform has style and an indentity.
  • 03 March 201340. Matt S
    As a season ticket holder for over a decade, I have never been more dissapointed in a decision with the franchise change as I have with this. The logo is not an upgrade, and the plain jerseys with throwback attempt have fallen short. We are not a team fro
  • 24 December 201239. Robert Liu
    Put Bolts on the pants and victory stripes!
  • 13 May 201238. Renae D
    Fully agreed. I don't understand why you would spend $1 million on a logo that looks worse than the previous one. How about letting the fans vote on it?
  • 25 February 201237. Dustin K
    3 year season ticket holder. The logo is bearable. But the colors MUST include black and the jerseys MUST have the victory stripes in the arm pits. THAT is tradition.
  • 22 February 201236. Stephen H
    I was hoping you would change the present home & away uniforms which I consider boring. However, this new uniform is really dull. You are a great owner and I appreciate all you have done. But please listen to your fans. I prefer a blue jersey to black
  • 12 February 201235. Liz N
    I support this petition
  • 31 December 201134. Kenny A
    I have been a Lightning fan since 1998 and live in DC. The logo is a's not the logo i've been so proud to sport for every one of the Lightning's trips to Verizon Center since 2000.
  • 24 August 201133. Josh K
    In short, I'd rather have the third jerseys from the 90's than the current jerseys now. And no offence, Mr. Vinik, I have seen better logos made by fans on the internet, such as here:\%20Bay\%20Lightning#
  • 18 August 201132. Thomas Jd
    bring back the black
  • 03 July 201131. Patrick R
    Love everything you've done for the organization - this is the one exception... please do not use these jerseys next season... at the very least, the lightning bolt logo must change
  • 09 June 201130. Eric S
    I support this petition
  • 03 November 201029. Dawn L
    I support this petition
  • 01 November 201028. David F
    I support this petition
  • 20 August 201027. Susan R
    Nothing wrong with the current logo! That's the Lightning tradition...not this new comic book logo.
  • 22 June 201026. Leo A
    I support this petition
  • 16 June 201025. Michael G
    I don't see what's wrong with the current uniforms. I understand the team wants to show their change of the helm, but at the same time we must not totally rid of the colors and logo we, as Lightning fans, have come to see for years, especially in the Stan
  • 10 June 201024. Herb L
    I hate this with all of my heart

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