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We believe that peace on earth is possible.

We further believe that we can make the world a better place for each and all of us.

We are convinced that both will happen once we share our resources and dreams and work together hand in hand towards these ends.

We are further convinced that to heal our deficiencies, to settle our disputes and conflicts and to end violence and wars it needs mutual respect and understanding as well as patient dialogue.

We belief that we are all children of God and Mother Earth, and united in this spirit as one human family we will be able to create together a new way of living on this Planet
a common Culture of Love, Peace and Reverence for Life.

We further believe that love and peace has to grow from the inside out, from the bottom up it starts in our hearts and in our relationships with our spouses, partners, children, families, neighbours and co-workers.

We know that making the first step is always the most difficult part but our deep trust in God and the human spirit and our dedication to peace gives us the strength to start this long journey.

We further know that the first step must be that at least two of us find one another and decide to empower each other and to replace egoism, narrow self-interest, offensive attitudes and violating behaviour as well as bigotry, dogmatism and fanaticism with love - then the new Culture of Love, Peace and Reverence for Life will be instantly born amidst of us.

We trust that the principles laid down in the following New Social Contract can serve as the core of a basic constitution for each community, small or big, which is willing to build up such a new culture.

We understand that we can use this New Social Contract within the full spectrum of communities from the local, through the regional and national up to the global level.

We further understand that this social contract is construed in a way that it can be applied to even the smallest communities and cells of our societies the community of two people and the family. On this basic level it is then a relationship, marriage, family, neighbourhood or work relations contract.

We are aware that the contract will only grow roots where the soil is already prepared but at the same time we are convinced that there is a need for such a new social contract in our time. For a contract which will grant each individual the right to pursue within its own way, tradition and culture the full development and creative expression of its unique potential.

We feel in this context that particularly the religious and spiritual communities of the world should be such fertile grounds on which a new culture of love and peace could grow well.

We therefore ask all religious and spiritual but also all humanitarian communities, networks, initiatives, organisations and movements to set an example and adopt this social contract to break the vicious cycle of violence in the world.

We are aware that the arguments will be made that such a contract is too idealistic, not practical and will not find any resonance in the general public. Nevertheless, we believe it is worth trying.

We know that initially a small number of likeminded members of a community are sufficient to create social micro-communities, micro-networks or micro-islands within a totally different oriented or even hostile social environment or world.

We are convinced that through signing this contract and feeling bound to its principles and rules we will start to deal with one another and with nature in a new and better way; we will rebuild and revitalize our relationships, families, workspaces, communities and societies; we will create together a new global culture which respects our diversity and differences and at the same time provides a common ground for all of us; and finally, we will learn to speak to each other in a new common language - the language of the heart.

We are further convinced that this new social contract will enable us as humanity to start anew and to succeed in making together a substantial cultural shift and transformation to reach the next level of human evolution.

Therefore, today we are calling on the people of the world to awake and start a fundamental new approach to life, to settle their disputes and conflicts and to heal individual, social, economic and cultural deficiencies by launching a major offensive of love, peace and wisdom in the world.

For this purpose, we invite this Conference and through it the peace loving people of the world and the general public, to subscribe to the following New Social Contract for a Culture of Love, Peace and Reverence for Life.


Awakened, and inspired by the findings of science, We, the people of the world, have become aware once again that we, together with everything - manifested or unmanifested - are, at the ground of all being, in the quantum world, a single, omni-connected and boundless Being beyond time and space. Thus, in each of us, at the ground of our collective being, all past, present and future possibilities are resting in a superposed state as potentiality until actualised and acted upon by us.

Hence, through us, with us and in us, and by way of countless feedback loops, synergistic structures, regenerative networks and fractal patterns, this indivisible, all-pervading Oneness creates and manifests continuously, at all levels and in all spheres, the non-dual, spiritual living reality of the Cosmos. We experience the integral wholeness of all these complex relational webs and interactions, which are themselves dynamically self-stabilizing and striving towards ever higher levels of evolution and perfection, in our daily existence as the self-organizing, flowing process of life becoming, being and decaying.

Enlightened by this conscious awareness of our true Nature and Self, we realize and acknowledge this "new" worldview in its entirety, with full self-responsibility for all the consequences involved. Therefore we express our firm will to think, act and live from now on in full accordance with this worldview, and particularly in full consciousness of our all-connectedness.

To achieve this overarching goal, we will use all our capabilities, energy and creativity to realize together a global and sustainable "Culture of Love, Peace and Reverence for Life".

Re-linked to our primordial Wholeness and to one another in deep empathy and feeling as one being, we understand that to hamper, injure or destroy any other life, however seemingly insignificant, actually hurts ourselves. Therefore, from this moment on, we will abstain from any form of violence against other beings in the web of life.

In full awareness that, in practice, it is not always possible to avoid hampering, injuring or destroying living beings, we commit ourselves to the principles of protection of, and reverence for, life as universal and absolute. To this effect, we pledge to ourselves and one another that, in each single instance of conflict of conscience, we will strive to act as ethically as possible, to exercise responsible judgement and to be guided by the highest feasible reverence for life in general, and the given case of conflict in particular.

Moreover, we herewith repudiate all forms of violence and ban them from our lives - our thoughts, our words, our actions and our behaviour - realizing that, if all the people of the world do this, violence will be banned from our societies and, indeed, from the entire planet.

United in our firm will to create a new universal culture free of violence, We, the undersigned people of the world, withdraw - with immediate effect - from the governments and leaders of the world the mandate and power to divide us, play us off against one another or declare and make war, in the name of some of us against others of us or against Nature, or to exert violence in any form save the use of legal and legitimate democratic power.

Instead, in conscious awareness of our Omni-connectedness, we, the people of the world, desire a state of lasting Peace on Earth and therefore, in manifesting our unity and combined power, we herewith declare in the name of humanity and all life Total Peace to one another and the entire geo-biosphere. To that effect, we commit to one another, to individually and collectively do everything in our power to realize within ourselves a state of unconditional love, peace and surrender; moreover, we commit to make unconditional love the centrepiece of all our thinking, feeling and acting, as well as of our entire life and culture - thus creating anew an ethic of Love, Peace and Reverence for Life.

Committed to our declaration and overarching goal, we will from now on fully and unconditionally accept and respect one another in all our diversity and uniqueness, doing everything possible to make each other happy, as well as to heal, promote and inspire one another with all means.

We herewith further commit to empower and support one another to self-organize our lives, at all levels and in all spheres, in a decentralized manner, and we pledge ourselves to a spirit of playful creative expression and integrative cooperation, celebrating the great sacred gift and adventure of life.

Finally, we commit to guarantee to one another, and indeed to all the people of the world, without discrimination of any kind, the de jure and de facto ultimate human right to fully develop and realize their own unique potential to the extent that they deem appropriate through a free, informed and enlightened choice.

Empowered and strengthened by our principles, mutual commitments and solidarity, We, the undersigned people of the world, now invite the governments and leaders of the world to also realize and acknowledge publicly this new worldview in its entirety, with full responsibility for all the consequences involved; we further demand from them to take effective steps to transform our herein unambiguous expressed will for a new culture into action through the implementation of all necessary political, economic and cultural changes.

Moreover, in view of the fact that in any future war weapons of mass destruction will certainly be employed again, and that such weapons threaten the continued existence of mankind, we urge the governments and leaders of the world to realize, and to acknowledge publicly, that their purpose cannot be furthered by violence and war, and we urge them, consequently, to find peaceful means for the settlement of all matters of dispute between them. We finally urge them to immediately destroy all their weapons of mass destruction, and ultimately to disarm our world completely.

Convinced that, working together to realize the solemn principles and goals laid down in this New Social Contract agreed between Us, the undersigned, and between us and our governments, We, the people of the world, will achieve the evolutionary transformation from a Culture of Violence, War and Waste of Life into a Culture of Love, Peace and Reverence for Life. (From a culture of injustice, profit, utility and purpose maximization, use, abuse and misuse, of efficiency optimization, exploitation, power, control, subjection, environmental destruction, isolation, death, .into a culture of justice, solidarity, meaning, cooperation, equality, participation, empowerment, environmental conservation, connectedness, self-realization of our potential, joy and zest for life, .)

We Herewith Vow to observe the solemn principles, convictions and commitments laid down in this New Social Contract. As an expression of our firm intention to joyfully assume these noble obligations and as a sign of our full consent and agreement, We, the undersigned people of the world, willin full awareness of the responsibility incumbent upon uspublicly set our names beneath this Resolution. Affirming that this is our unsolicited and wholehearted decision and sealing our oath of personal commitment, We herewith sign with our own hand below.

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