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I was shocked to find out the strict dress code guidelines imposed by the Red Rock School District. I have always been a big fan of freedom of choice. I feel that our school district has overstepped their boundaries by telling our children that we as parents and guardians can not dress our children in a matter that reflects them as individuals. I realize they have to have some guidelines because of the vulgar clothing line out there. But do we really need to go this far? I have taken dress code rules from top tier academic Tucson area schools in which learning is clearly not affected. If you feel that your right as a parent or guardian has been violated by the district telling you what you can and cant dress your kid, then join me in getting back our freedom. God Bless America!

District Dress Code
In Red Rock Unified School District all students are expected to dress in good taste. Appropriate attire reflects a positive and serious attitude about school and is highly correlated with productive behavior and good learning habits. Because gang and/or violence related activity presents a significant concern, the school administration reserves the right to prohibit any clothing appearance or actions which pose a threat to the safety of other students or staff. This includes anything that, by appearance, causes a disruption to the school. Such as:

SHIRTS and BLOUSES should appropriately cover the shoulder and fit under the arm. They should not expose any part of the torso (front or back) at any time. Untucked shirts and blouses may not be of an excessive length.
UNDERGARMENTS may not be exposed at any time.
PANTS and SHORTS must be worn appropriately and may not present a safety issue or distraction to self and/or others. They must adequately cover the body at all times and may not be seen sagging.
DRESSES and SKIRTS must be of appropriate length. 4 inches above the kneecap when sitting.
BELTS must be tucked into pant loops, not hanging, and should not be excessively long.
FOOTWEAR must be appropriate and worn at all times. Open toed shoes my not be worn at anytime except during swim days.
HATS, CAPS, or HEADCOVERINGS, regardless of gender, may not be worn indoors. When not in use, they must be stored in lockers or backpacks. Bills must be worn facing forward at all times while on campus, in designated areas, and at school related activities off campus.

Any garments such as shirts, tops, dresses, skirts, pants, overalls, shorts, etc. with buttons, zippers, snaps, etc., must be worn buttoned, zipped, and/or snapped appropriately. All clothing must be free of excessive holes or tears. Sheer/see-through garments of any kind are prohibited unless worn over appropriate clothing. Tight or excessively revealing clothing is also prohibited.
Any article of clothing that refers to alcohol, drugs, any act, of which meaning is inappropriate, that is illegal or hazardous to ones health may not be worn. Slogans or wording that may be suggestive or be construed to have a double meaning (one of which meaning is inappropriate) may not be worn. Anything portraying offensive, suggestive, derogatory, violent, sexual, cult or gang-related writing or pictures is prohibited.
Necklaces or jewelry with mercury in a glass tube are not allowed.
The type of dress, make-up, accessories, hairstyles or grooming displayed by the student should not disrupt the classroom or campus environment nor threaten the safety, health or comfort of the student, fellow students, or any staff member.
The administration reserves the right to interpret and enforce these guidelines in the school allowing:
1.-Any student who does not follow the dress code will initially be requested to comply with this policy and change into appropriate clothing.
2.-Secondly, the students parents will be contacted and a second request will be made asking for the student to comply with this request.
3.-Failure to comply with this request may result in the offending student being sent home or restricted from school.
Repeated violations of the dress code policy may be deemed insubordinate conduct and dealt with as specified in Marana Unified School Districts Comprehensive Student Discipline Policy.

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