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A spectre is haunting the Hanson world the spectre of love for real music.

What unites us as Hanson fans is our passion and love for the music. As they say, The Music Lives. What we need to ask ourselves from time to time is: Are You Listening?

We admire and encourage Hanson because they found a way of escaping from the system. To some extent, each and every one of us is conditioned by the system, but by being inventive and creative it is possible to sabotage and escape the bureaucratic corruption and enslavement of creative minds by powerful CEOs and shareholders.

This is exactly what Hanson has done. At the point where their music - their creative legacy and artistic expression - became a commodity, Hanson decided to take a step back before making a huge leap forward.

It is in times like todays when music, among other forms of art, has become a commodity rather than creativity expressed in total freedom of the mind. Whereas the artists are slaves of their record companies and todays commercialist front scene, real and authentic music is quietly stabbed in the back and buried alive in front of the eyes of the masses.

These masses in turn also are slaves. Slaves to the same puppet players who sit in their offices typing up their financial transactions, dollar bills in their eyes, murdering the music. We have to ask ourselves at what point our love for the music has turned into commodity fetishism.

The band we love has tried to escape the enslavement and has managed to keep their soul that lives in their music alive. Now that they have broken the chains of their own slavery, their music should no longer be considered merely a commodity. And as many of us value the music for its strength, its authenticity and its passion, we somehow havent been able yet to cure our commodity fetishism as it has stealthily slipped into our systems during all these years of the murder on creativity.

Are we listening?

In order to cause a real revolution in the music industry, the masses have to wake up, and realize that they are still slaves to the system. We have got to break our own chains and follow Hansons footsteps to artistic freedom for it will lead to the freedom of our own minds and souls.

We should no long consider Hanson or their music and any other of their creative outlets as a commodity. Neither should we consider any of it ours, for it is solely the product of their free minds and souls. We are not entitled to it, neither do they owe us anything. If anybody owes somebody something, it would be us, the fans. We owe our favourite band to stand up for them, to respect their creative and artistic freedom, to feel true love for the music, and to be grateful to them for what they give us. Because what they give us is truly one of the greatest gifts: it is their very own souls, captured and given to us in the music.

We need to realize that this is not something we simply buy or pre-order. Neither is it something we hold rights over because we pay for it. Hanson is not a commodity that we are entitled to get when we want it. We will simply receive it when the time is due. When we realize this very fact, it is when we too will be freed from the slavery that seems to still hold us captured.

And when we have realized how truly blessed we are to be the fans of a band that has succeeded to be free and to make real, pure music, we too will be free. We will be compelled to revolutionize the world of music. Rather than being slaves to the system, our own desires, demands and commodity fetishism, we will be slaves to the music instead. We will then be able to live for the music and inside the music, without expectancies, in total freedom and bliss.


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