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MSNBC Editor,

Now its glaringly obvious that MSNBC is cheerleading for Kerry. MSNBC has been treating any unsubstantiated or meaningless charge the Kerry Campaign has made as the unvarnished truth while downplaying any substantive rock solid charge that Kerry Critics made as lies.

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, 254 combat veterans who served with Kerry in Vietnam condemn him for:
1) Lying about how he got his medals
2) Behaving in a cowardly fashion
3) Committed War Crimes (he is a self admitted War Criminal)
4) Lied about being in Cambodia
5) Lied about what went on in Vietnam, and brought disgrace upon his unit

So far charge 1 has been partially proven.
Charge 3 is already known and is a matter of public record.
Charge 4 has been proven.
Charge 5, other than the war crimes Kerry Committed, there is no known record of any incident that Kerry would know of personally to substantiate his claim.

Where is MSNBC's mention in its FRONT PAGE article, (might I add that front page coverage that was not available for Swift Boat Veterans for Truth when they originally made their claims -- but just for Kerry when he makes his rebuttal) of Kerry having 4 out of 5 charges proven beyond dispute substantiated damaging his credibility? Where is the Front Page Coverage asking hard questions about Kerry's Senate Testimony, and whether in the light of these revelations "Did Kerry Commit Treason"? Where is the Front Page Coverage of Kerry's Cambodian Fantasy, far from just not even occurring as he claims happened according to his biography under Nixon, HE WAS 55 MILES AWAY AND LBJ WAS PRESIDENT!! Kerry is a liar and a War Criminal by his own admission. What is the word worth of a war criminal and a liar compared to the words of 254 of his comrades? Now the release of this supposed "new information" that a fellow swift boat commander was under fire is supposed to discredit the accuser. Swift Boat commander Thurlow has stated he believed he received a medal for helping the disabled swift boat -- not for engaging in a firefight, and that Kerry probably authored the report. Kerry took off in a cowardly fashion when he heard the explosion, and came back only after he was sure that there was no enemy ambush. The only act of "courage" I have heard of that was verified is he did manage to shoot a nearly naked unarmed wounded VC in the back. Maybe he should get a medal for it. We will call it the "MSNBC medal for shooting naked wounded enemies hobbling away in the back" medal and embroider it with a bronze chicken, but we will reserve the silver stars for people who actually display bravery.

Why do the Swift Boat Veterans need to pay for advertising, considering how newsworthy their story is? You think if 254 National Guardsmen came forward saying that Bush lied about reporting in for duty, or submitted false reports to earn medals, that MSNBC would not be running Front Page Stories about that? How many reporters has MSNBC investigate Bush's National Guard Service? Did Bush attack the person's making the charge or did he unlike Kerry Provide evidence that he actually did serve his country honorably?

This is outright disgusting abandonment of ethics for journalism. If MSNBC is going to continue reporting in such a way to favor the Kerry Campaign it should register as a 527 political advocacy group, and post such information that the public is clearly aware, so they are no fooled by your ruse to trick them into thinking MSNBC is a respectable news organization and that the information you provide is reliable and trustworthy.

Brian Cavanagh

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    Do you guys happen to own the New York Times?
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