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This petition is for James D. V. Whitfield he is 29 years old. There was an investigation of his neighborhood presupposing gang activity for 3 years (1994 through 1997). During this investigation I was approximately incarcerated in its infancy, therefore many of the over acts within the indictment cannot be associated with me. I believe this investigation took form and gain stability by the cooperation of two gentlemen (names undisclosed, whom were in custody for a murder and / or felony for gun possession. Initially, they gave up so many names including mine and what role we had played in return they received acquittals and very little and very lenient sentences. My home was raided and never had any federal agents find any control substances (crack or cocaine) nor gang literature or weapons. I was set up by my uncle (name undisclosed) who scheduled a deal, because he was going to be sentenced, while I was already incarcerated in 1994, serving a year sentence, whoever he recanted and due to family pressure he pointed the finger at my childrens mother(name undisclosed). There were no crimes that directly linked me to my co-conspirators at all. However, my name was rising pretty loud around town. We were harassed, assaulted, ad pursued unjustly. In 1997 I was in custody of the state jurisdictions for charges of arm robbery basically a drug deal that went sour. This was July 10, a few months later the federal jurisdiction was arraigning me with 23 others of the R.I.C.O. they never came to interrogate me and I basically told my involvement which they kept trying to press me to fabricate stories I had never known about the people on the indictment, but I played hard ball and heard them out on their questions. Richard Convertino had given many people on the indictment his personal telephone number and other underhanded things to keep them working for them. 8 that I know of (name undisclosed) and others beyond our indictment testified in open court on others as well as wrongfully setting people up that were incarcerated with me. The number one guy of the case received 11 years. I received 11 years. Convertino, didnt care about right or wrong his concerns was rather or not you were willing to tell on whomever and stand on that despite if they were innocent of not. He was bloodthirsty for the convictions. I put in motions after motions trying to make the courts aware of his misconduct but I was batted down and now 8 yeas later after hes being investigated in the DETROIT TERRIOST CASE for withholding evidence yet the courts only want to believe this act was spontaneous and not a long drawn out pattern and strategy he has implemented in his trying of cases. For 8 years Ive lived with this wondering will I have to finish out the remainder of this sentence without my complaints even being heard. Im not one to falsely claim Im guilty of all the charges but no physical evidence at all was gathered only the word of mouth, the words of people themselves running from justice. Ive filed motions for my sentence to be recalculated based on my federal sentence being run concurrent with my state time or from the point of arraignment which was in 1997 yet my time had not been accredited until 1999. As a result of this I havent seen, touched or visited four of my children in 8 years I have not even held my youngest child never in her life. I have not seen my mother, my fiancйe, my sister since 2000; they moved me to a federal prison 3,000 miles away from all those I love dearly. This is many people stories behind these walls and most are worst than mines. Where is the integrity of the judicial system? Why are so many given L.I.F.E. sentence for a testimony, a procreators deviate appetite for convictions? I speak for myself and many whose voices are veiled in their pain. PLEASE HELP

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