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Today in Vancouver B.C. Canada we see so many good bands playing here for concerts. Are any of them ever all ages... only a select few and frankly i am sick of it! i dont like knowing that my second favrouite band is comming and i am not allowed to see them because of stupid No Minors laws. Cant they give us underage kids a wrist band so the bartender knows not to serve us drinks? Think about how many teens will be happy because we can now have alot more All Ages shows ex. shows at the Commodore Ballroom. This pitition is going to be for more All Ages shows in Vancouver B.C. Canada.

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Latest Signatures

  • 09 December 201550. April C
    thats right! i wanna go see the bright eyes concert @ the commodore in vancouver but nooooooo im not 19!
  • 07 November 201549. Chantelle F
    I completely agree. We miss out on some of the best bands because of our age and who knows if they'll still be together when we are old enough
  • 31 October 201548. Carlos Hubbard
    Why do you require ? It's fairly simple why I'm signing. I want more all ages metal concerts in Vancouver.
  • 25 September 201547. Veronika K
    You'd make a lot of us happy if you just made more all ages shows !!!
  • 18 July 201546. Reese M
    yeah, more all ages, PUT AN X ON MY HAND AND LET ME IN!
  • 24 April 201545. Ryan K
    I agree, the great city of Vancouver and the great people of Vancouver deserve more all-age shows.
  • 19 March 201544. Natasha Humphrey
    I think we should have more all age's concerts
  • 08 February 201543. Nick Y
    more all ages metal is needed....
  • 14 January 201542. Adrian T
    i agree
  • 22 September 201441. Dani Yu
    I completely agree. Not only would us minors love to see the chance to see our favorite band live, but many of these bands that play bar shows have lots and lots of fans that are 18 - , so even the bands would profit.
  • 30 March 201440. Robert H
    I want to see my favourite band but I can't because of the choice of venue! Now I probably can't see them unless I go overseas because they rarely come to North America!
  • 29 January 201439. Leanne G
    come on! we need more all ages shows!
  • 22 December 201338. Alex Hicks
    I am quite sick of this rediculous 21+ crap as well. Good thing someone finnaly took a stand. Venues will gross probably up to 60% more profit if they let teens into shows.
  • 24 November 201337. Emily G
    why the hell are required? obviously i support the idea
  • 15 October 201336. Sheena Rivers
    we NEED more all ages shows PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 12 August 201335. Andrew Sullivan
  • 24 April 201334. Franco Gallegos
    this is getting out of hand, too many good bands we can't go see because of these laws
  • 28 December 201233. Mathew Finley
    I don't want to miss one of my favorite bands just because it wasn't all ages.
  • 22 November 201232. Ashley O
    Even thou I am of age I believe that it's not fair to ban kids that like certain bands to not be able to see them just because they only play bar's and other renues as such.....
  • 18 August 201231. Michael K
    Being a metalhead in vancouver is tough considering all the good metal shows are not all ages, damn the commodore.
  • 03 July 201230. Alex Thomas
    this would be awesome!
  • 30 April 201229. Brandyn K
    Black Label came a while back and I couldn't go. Pissed me off. Great bands should be available to everyone. Just like their Albums. Rock on. m/
  • 14 March 201228. Sara S
    More all ages shows means more profit for the bands etc.!
  • 11 February 201227. Chris S
  • 08 January 201226. Krisd Rojas
    yup we need this
  • 15 August 201125. Shaun Jefferson
    YEAH!!!!!! MORE ALL AGES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 04 July 201124. Jack Calhoun

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