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This is a petition to show you the true value of bringing an internationally famous game to the Playstation 3, Now you will probably ignore this and not even care but this is going to show you how many people actually want this game on the playstation 3, and that making monster hunter 3 exlusive to wii will be a mistake and a revenue loss on your part.

To back up what I am claiming are a few valuable reasons:

Make Use Of The Next-Gen Console!
Monster hunter 3 on the playsation 3 will enhance the game play, graphics which is a big part on this game, why go with the wii and upgrade the graphics from PS2/PSP a little, when you can overdrive the graphics for maximum potential and make this game " In my opinion, I am sure other's will agree " one of the best and for-most grpahically astounding games to hit the market. How would this game look in high def graphics running around smashing monster to pieces instead of the wii's graphics in comparison to that PS3 graphics overkill the wii.

Online Action!
PS3 has a bigger online community and this will be big time action online I could allmost imagine seeing over 1 - 2 million people online during the day playing Monster hunter 3, statistics show that Japan have the biggest ammount of Monster hunter fanbase showing that 30\% of japanese people buy a PSP just for Monster Hunter, 40\% of japanese people own a PS3 for the PS2 versions of Monster Hunter, which leaves 30\% of the console market to DS, Wii and soon to be DSi this is a big statistical advantage on the Sony behalf. And there is nothing more that people want then to sign onto the PS network and kill monsters with friends. Also to add to comunity action, leader boards rating the best online hunter making people play more to get that extra \% over another player trying to earn the high rating online title. Now ass for the wii I do not see an online comunity as big as the PS3 or Xbox360 for that matter.

Game Play Feel!
Now to play Monster Hunter 3 on the wii to me (I tried to leave my emotions at the door but cannot help myself) would feel really bad, now alot of people here may agree but playing with a wii control can be really annoying sometimes, you move your hand a little and character would go off course, miss a hit, possibly die alot of times before you keep your body completely stiff for the duration of gameplay. Now there is nothing worse then fighting a Rathalos and you make a mistake now imagine your fighintg a Rathalos right now wii controller in hand dishing out the damage and suddenly your dog/cat/sibling/friend or even a random twitch cause's your character to go off course or do a back-swing instead of a forward swing and then your dead meat for the Rathalos. This does not just go for big monster encounters this could be fighting any monster, the slightest movement can cause a whole world of trouble, and not only could this go wrong but I have found that on alot of wii games attempting to do the ability your trying to accomplish can take one, two maybe even three times because your wii-mote was not tilted enough or it just did not register what you did at all or possibly do the completely wrong ability.

A Cut To The Series:
Moving a legendary series to a completely new console will make (I am sure your aware) a-lot of people angry and you could possibly decimate over half of the Monster Hunter fanbase by making this move. It is the best gaming series to have been released for the game-play, style and just plain grab a big sword and slice monsters in half, you cannot destroy something as big as this with a mistake.

Its PlayStation2 And Still Going:
Through online research I have found out that a big number of people still play PS2 versions of Monster Hunter at this present time, this goes to show you that this game is still going big and I belive it will keep going if you Multiplatform this gam, yes the development for it to be released on PS3 may cost alot but you will gain alot more money back from this move.

My conclusion is that Monster Hunter 3 should multiplatform, bigger revenue, more attraction to new player to the Monster Hunter Community. PS3/Xbox360 are consoles for the best gamers, the wii ont he other hand is more for family game nights and casual gamers people that will play a game for an hour or so then switch off the wii, PS3/Xbox360 will have people online and active for hours on end playing Monster Hunter 3.

That was my argument and I hope alot of people join this petition just to show you that We as customers really want this game and by making a silly mistake will cause you more hassle and money lose then it is worth, not saying you will take notice of this but at least this petition will show you actually how many people care about this.

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