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From: Patricia J. Carey-Berry

And The people covered under our constitution.

I do not believe our forefathers intended our justice system to be a business of making money but instead to instill trust, equality, and to uphold our land of the free and justice for all. This is not happening. Reform is needed with utmost respect for our amendments.

This Petition is on behalf of Robert Wayne Saul C.D.C #V61379, who is currently imprisoned in Wasco State Prison in California. Robert is in prison for a felony drug charge which he was convicted for in 2003 and sentenced to ten years.
Beginning in the early 1980s and continuing until 1994, Robert went in and out of jail/prison for possession/drug offenses, being in possession of a pocket knife/weapon charge, violating probation, and once for a burglary charge. By 1994 Robert not only had a serious criminal record for drug convictions but also left him with having lived most of his adult life being incarcerated. Through all the years of incarceration Robert in no way was ever given the option to go to a rehabilitation center nor was he ever given the option to attend any of the court appointed drug rehabilitation programs that the courts have to offer in order to get help for his addiction. It was not until Feb.1996, when Robert paroled out of a half way house that he found the desire to change his life. For the first time in his life, he had found someone who cared for him enough to explain to him that his life was worth more than a prison cell. In Feb. 1996 Robert began living with my family and myself. My father, who was captain of Santa Ana fire dept. spent quality time with Robert teaching him many things he needed to know in order to be successful in life but had never had a chance to learn as a young man. Robert worked very hard and was eager to learn how to live a civilized life. It required a tremendous amount of patience and each day that passed Roberts life changed for the better. Robert completed all three years of his parole without any violations and discharged rated as decent -up. For the years to follow Robert worked hard, paid taxes, financed a new car, built his credit up, and shared years of happiness with a family that loves him as if he were their own blood. After approximately six years the day came that Roberts past addiction came back to haunt him. A co worker had drugs on the construction site that Robert was working on. It was then that his addiction over powered him and Robert relapsed. Being that Robert had never learned about how to handle situations of temptation and how to handle relapse his addiction won once again. Within only a couple months he was hanging around the wrong people and using drugs again. After six years of staying out of trouble Robert was again arrested and charged with a felony drug charge. In 2003 while in custody awaiting his next court date, Robert wrote a letter to the Delancey Street Foundation asking for help. Robert had heard about the program in jail and he heard that the success rate at Delancey Street for rehabilitation was the highest in our nation. Realizing that he had lacked the knowledge he needed to fight his addiction, he began gathering information from his jail cell while he awaited his trial. During the months waiting for trial Robert also attended a program at the jail for inmates who are recovering addicts. Robert earned a certificate upon his completion of the class that he is very proud to have earned. Within a month Delancey Street responded and sent a counselor from their program to the jail to personally interview Robert. After reviewing Roberts criminal history and the charge pending against him at that time, Delancey Street Foundation accepted Robert into their rehabilitation program. By the time his next court date came he had already received his letter of acceptance from The Delancey Street Foundation. Furthermore, Robert took his letter of acceptance and pleaded to the court to allow him to go to Delancey Street Foundation for rehabilitation. Robert was willing to sign for any suspended sentence that the court felt they wanted to give him if that was what it would require in order to allow him a chance at rehabilitation. The judge denied Robert the request with out any stated reason for the denial. As of March 24, 2006 the California Department of Inmate Status Information System outputs that Roberts projected release date is March 4, 2011. If Robert is left to spend the remainder of the sentence he was given he will be fifty years old at the time he is released. Please remember that many years ago Robert joined the service and was willing to lay his own life down for his country, for you and I. Now may the people find that his life is just as important as he found all of ours to be.
Robert has now served over three years and is pleading that the remainder of his sentence be suspended or modified and Robert be granted permission to go to Delancey Street Foundation.
During the past two years I have found four other cases where the inmate had the same priors that Robert holds and was granted permission to go to the Delancey Street Foundation. If we are all created equally than each person should be treated equally as well. To allow one person the right or the opportunity to receive treatment for their addiction and to deny another man of the same right or opportunity only proves that we do not treat all men equally. Considering that the court gave no reason for denying Robert the chance to be rehabilitated, I am respectfully requesting that governor Arnold Schwarzenegger use his powers bestowed upon him in the constitution and code of California to reduce the sentence of, grant a modification of sentence, or pardon Robert W. Saul #V61379 so that he may join Delancey Street Foundation.
Please note that the Delancey Street Foundation is not government funded and it will not cost the state of California a single penny for Robert to go to the program.
Thank you for reading this letter and I pray you will consider lending your assistance in an effort to allow Robert W. Saul to enter into the Delancey Street Foundation in lieu of staying in prison where he is unable to learn about his addiction by signing this petition.
The following people believe Robert Saul V-61379 has served a suitable sentence and should now be given the opportunity to be rehabilitated.

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