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This petition is one for Konami in regards to Metal Gear Online for the PlayStation 3. This is a PS3 exclusive title that is a blast to play. However I, and those signed below, feel that there are things that can be improved or added to make the game play experience. The following items are things that we ask to be added or improved upon:

1.) Allow use of our PlayStation Network accounts. This would make it much easier to sign in as well as sign onto the Reward Shop and other MGO related shops. It should allow us to link our Konami/GAME ID to our PSN accounts. While in game, it would use the Konami/GAME ID for points and other things, but it would be linked to the PSN account for ease of use.

2.) Add a class system or class-like skills. It would greatly benefit being able to have support classes. Unlike other games, these classes would merely allow the user to use special skills. For example, a person who would play as a medic would play just like any regular person, but he can also give medical packs to heal players. We ask for three classes: Medic, Field Ops ( Can give ammo to team mates ) and Scout ( Players who move faster, suited for objective based game play.)

3.) Install MGO directly to XMB. In its current state, you have to put in the MGS4 disc, load up the main menu, select Metal Gear Online, and wait for it to load to the title screen. While it isn't a big issue, it is a bit of an annoyance having to wait a few minutes for everything to load. This idea will install MGO to the XMB and will allow the user to launch the game from the XMB. You will still need a disc in to prevent piracy and to enforce that only users who bought the game can play it, but rather than load up MGS4 THAN MGO, it begins loading directly into MGO. It will speed up the initial boot up.
4.) Fix lag issues. While the game play doesn't lag for me, there is a bullet lag. Let's say someone were to shoot me in the head, sometimes I will still be alive for a second or two, giving me the chance to shoot back. The bullet lag can be a pain to deal with when it happens.

5.) Add balance to game play. Lets take the magazine for example. A clever trap to stop enemies dead in their tracks. The issue with this is that there is no way to fight back. In the middle of the battle, the last thing I am thinking about it looking every step for magazines, its just not plausible. If I walk into one, there should be a little button press game to be able to break myself away from the magazine. We also feel that their should be Counter CQC. If one tries to come up to be and CQC, I would like to be able to counter his moves.

6.)Release Metal Gear Online as a stand alone disc with the expansion packs for $60 OR without expansion packs for $40. This will allow those people who have yet to get into MGO to buy it alone to play it online with their friends. This will also add to the player count.

7.) While I may be pretty good with technology, I am no game designer, I do not know what your limits are. However, IF it is possible, we would like split screen multiplayer to be added. Be it split screen onilne for split screen offline.

8.) Add trophies to MGO. Simply put, we would love for trophies.

9.) Allow custom games to be NOT region locked. We understand that US players connecting with UK gamers could cause lag for example. However, I have friends in the UK, I cannot play with them. I think that we should able to play without region locked in games we create.

Metal Gear Online is a unique game for the PS3. With other games out, there is something about MGO that remains. It won't go away, its got a good community and it plays differently to make it stand out. We love it, but we also would love to see these things listed above improve the game.

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