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To the entire world.To all the governements of the world,to all the great research centres in mathematics and physics.Romanian professor Vasiliu Lucilius and his co-worker professor Eugen Campu from Bucharest demands international mathematical help for the continuation of the research on the mathematical site Vasiliu Lucilius family and Eugen Campu family demands to all the governements of the world the complete encerclement by juridical and political and financial methods of the terrorist group implicated from 1980 in 11.792/1991 file at the law and justice court in Jassy.The leaders of the group are professor Viorel Barbu,professor Eugen Popa,professor Aurel Rascanu former subordinate of my father,professor Calin Ignat,professor Theodor Precupanu,professor dipsomaniac Neculai Gheorghiu,professor dipsomaniac Dorian Spulber,former chief-inspector at Inspectorate of Education Octavian Lefter teacher of mathematics,the wife of Octavian Lefter,Lefter George Catalin now full professor at the faculty of mathematics from Jassy,mathematics researcher Petru Caraman,professor of international law Vrabie Genoveva which in 1988 in the last year of Dictator Nicolae Ceausescu try to obtain a sentence to death to my entire family because of my strong position of oposition to Ceausescu regime in his last five years like all the 99 percents of population until his execution in December 1989.Their henchmen are:jurist Dorina Rezusi,military colonel prosecutor now decesead Barbu Rezusi,their daughter Raluca Rezusi and former forensic doctor Alexandru Emilian,his wife and their first daughter mathematician Alexandru Dragomirna-Rugina now missing in North America who falsificated the medical forensic inquiry.The killers are Ionescu Radu missing in North America,Anghel Robert and Dumitrescu Liviu.In 2001 at this very dangerous terrorist group attached two very poisoning doctoress;Serban Elena Maria and Brandusa Vornicu who made between January 2001 and September 2002 a completely illegal treatement based on antipsychotic Zyprexa based under completely false declaration of suspicion made by the persons:Viorel Barbu,Anca Maria Precupanu,Theodor Precupanu,Eugen Popa,Aurel Rascanu,Dorina Rezusi,Raluca Rezusi that Vasiliu Lucilius suffer from 1980 by paranoid schizofrenia together with some membres of the father,s branch family like professor Eugen Campu from mathematics Faculty of Bucharest,Emil Vasiliu former chief engineer at Electric Net Moldavia Centrale in Jassy the capitale of the region Moldavia(one of the six region of Romania) a men with a job of 100 billion dollars value and Dragomir Horomnea the cousin of Vasiliu Lucilius former second-third level membre in Centrale Committee of Socialist Republic of Romania in Ceausescu period of governement.After this completely illegal and terrorist treatement this terrorist group obtained the completely destruction of neuroendocrine system in the skull system which was half destroied in the two terrorist agressions from 12 may 1991 and 22 septembre 1991.Now the 11.792/file become a file of roberry with very great corporale damages to professor Vasiliu Lucilius;the complete destruction in 2002 at the age of 36 years(now I have 43)of the neuroendocrine system in the skull with two colateral crimes;the death of his parents each of them with 5-7 years earlier;NATO veteran lieutenent-colonel triple decorated teacher of mathematics Vasiliu N.Ioan in 2007 and former textilist engineer chief sector and researcher principal 3 in 2008,and terrorist atack against the family of Vasiliu Emil the uncle of Vasiliu Lucilius former chief engineer until 1990 at Electric Net Moldavia Jassy(the capitale of the region) one of the six region of Romania and against the journalist and writter Dragomir Horomnea family my cousin from Bucharest.Sincerely Vasiliu Lucilius.

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