The RSPCA is a charity and as such is exempt from income and inheritance tax. Thanks to the public's generosity it has an estimated 119 MILLION pounds in the bank. It is

also the primary, if not only, nationally acknowledged animal welfare institution in this country and the first organisation most of us think of calling when we see animal cruelty.

We rely on the RSPCA as we rely on the Police, Ambulance Service or Fire Brigade. These are the people we turn to and this is the organisation who have the funds and

backing to prosecute us if we fail to abide by the Animal Welfare Act.

And rightly so! So what makes the RSPCA different?

Unlike the other organisations mentioned here the RSPCA has no obligation under the Freedom of Information Act to the public who pay their wages. If we feel that they have

acted inappropriately we don't have a legal right to answers from them.

Is this acceptable?

In the light of the RSPCAs recent killing with a captive bolt gun of ten German Shepherd Dogs I believe it is not acceptable. These 10 dogs were killed in an inhumane manner

which is deemed unacceptable by WSPA (World Society for the Protection of Animals), using a captive bolt gun, a weapon which stuns but does not always kill outright. The

RSPCAs defence is that the dogs were unhomable as the organisation considered them aggressive and they had a skin condition. The skin condition was entirely treatable. The

RSPCA did not ask any other rescues if they were willing and able to take on and rehabilitate these dogs although many could and would have done so if asked. The German

Shepherds were allegedly seperated before being killed but many of us don't see that this could have been possible and consider that they would have suffered immeasurable

distress prior to being killed in such an inhumane manner, seeing, smelling and hearing their friends die. We also question how it could have been possible for the assassin to

get the captive bolt gun to the heads of ten allegedly aggressive German Shepherd Dogs yet it is necessary to get that close in order to have even a chance of using a weapon

which needs to be at point blank range to be effective - and even then there is a very realistic chance that the dogs would have not have been sufficiently harmed and that they

would have been suffering horrendously.

Further information:

So should we know the truth of what happened that day/

Of course!

Should we have the right to know whether the dogs were seperated and how, whether the bolt gun killed cleanly or whether the dogs were 'finished off', why the RSPCA didn't

approach independent rescue to take them on, how long the killing took, how often the RSPCA uses captive bolt guns and on which animals, how experienced in using one the

inspector was, who made the decision and whether he saw the dogs himself... so many questions.

We should, but we don't.

The RSPCA says of the Freedom of Information Act;

"The RSPCA does not believe that it has any formal obligation under the Act. It is not a designated public authority. However, the Society fully supports the principle of

openness and will endeavour to supply information to enquirers whenever possible.

As a charity relying entirely on voluntary donations, the Society will have to take into account the purpose of any request for information and the costs involved in providing it

for the enquirer."


The RSPCA appear to be reluctant to answer certain questions regarding those ten German Shepherd Dogs and are perhaps concerned about the "purpose of any request for

information" when concerned individuals and animal welfare organisations have asked.

If you too feel that the RSPCA should be accountable to the public and be SEEN to be open and honest by voluntarily agreeing to explain their decisions and actions by

following the Freedom of Information Act, please sign this petition.

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