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Of the many religions in the U.S., all are recognized as legitimate and valid. All religions include an origin, whether genuine or not, beginning usually with a prophet or leader being given the power of the Creator to spread their message to the world's people . Religions are divided based on the culture, area, practices, a beliefs of the different communions. Though there are many smaller, unrecognized branches of faith, many are disregarded.
On of these smaller branches is called Juggaloism, and its followers are called Juggalos, girls usually taking the title Juggalette. It originated from a man in the southwest Detroit area by the name of Joseph Utsler, and also began with the help of his childhood friend, Joseph Bruce.
Joseph U. was disturbed over a dream he had, almost as a premonition, including a clown, a carnival spirit, holding six joker cards in his hands. His dream concluded the beginning of the band formed by he and Bruce, called Insane Clown Posse. The jokers cards were conveyed throughout their music career as six separate albums. The albums were Carnival of Carnage, The Ringmaster, The RiddleBox, The Great Milenko, The Amazing Jeckel Brothers, and The Wraith, which spit into two albums.
The message in the dream is portray is often referred to as the Dark Carnival, and is explained throughout the six main albums. The Dark Carnival is a broad generalization of what will happen to people when they die. It teaches that after death, a person's soul either enters heaven or hell, and this is determined upon whether or not that person had faith in Jesus and believed in his teachings, and the deeds they did during their lifetime. It is based upon the belief in being 'saved' by Jesus, a common practice with most religions in the world. Though the number of followers that take the message literally, and those who generalize it is equal, the respect between the two divisions is mutual.
Due to the fact that Juggaloism is not an official religion, abuse from people do not follow the belief is everywhere, and abundant. Followers usually practice the art of face paint to set themselves from the other religion groups. It is in tolerated in many schools and few public areas, while other religious items and traditions are so, or even promoted. Even cases of physical abuse have been reported in some places.
Many people have low views of these Juggalos, and credit is due to the fact there have been occasional cases of unstable followers attacks on people.
But these cases should not attribute to the whole being of followers, and does not mean that all believers are unstable or violent. There have been many cases in other religions of attacks and terrorism much larger than those of the Juggalos.
I believe that this abuse is coming from the fact that Juggaloism is not perceived as a accredited religion. Because it is not accepted with the actual government, this encourages non-believers to take contempt in the religion, also.
So due to all of this, I think Juggaloism should be acknowledged as an official faith. I am a Juggalo myself, and I have witnessed and been subject to the abuse. It is not always easy to deal with, and I don't believe it fair to have to deal with such things when it is a free country and people have a right to their own religion without judgment. Juggalos have banded together and withstand the abuse with love from the followers, and it remains very strong within us.
Juggaloism has same characteristics as many communions out there and deserves every right and respect that the more popular religions have, and I would fully appreciate making the belief of Juggaloism in the U.S a certified and valid religion.

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