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People that found that Irish should be a optional subject after Junior Cert.

'Recently the abolition of compulsory Irish has been discussed. In 2005 Enda Kenny, leader of Ireland's main opposition party, Fine Gael, called for the language to be made an optional subject in the last two years of secondary school. Mr Kenny, despite being a fluent speaker himself (and a teacher), stated that he believed that compulsory Irish has done the language more harm than good.'

'In November 2005, Kenny called for the abolishment of compulsory Irish for the Leaving Certificate examinations, a move against one of the State's oldest shibboleths. This was opposed by all the major Irish language organisations.[3] In March 2006 Kenny was elected Vice-President of the European People's Party (EPP), the largest European political group to which Fine Gael is affiliated.[4] In his speech to the EPP he stated that Fine Gael would be in Government within 2 years.' --Wiki

Now after reading these extracts we can see that Enda Kenny respects our view of Irish. He knows that by forcing us to study Irish that we would be losing time on all the other subjects (the ones we use in our job/college years). Studying I know, for me is something I use my time to studying subjects that help.

I think Irish a hard subject and its time consuming but I don't see why its mandatory, why should we, the students, be forced to learn a subject that won't help us in our future occupations?

I know that Irish is the only thing that symbolizes us as a Ireland but I don't see why and you might as well, this burden is placed on us. Its fine and good to express our individuality as Irish people but in the real world, if theres a subject holding ANY of us back, the next thing is to drop it and find something in our ability or something worth working hard for.

'In March 2007, the Minister for Education, Mary Hanafin, announced that more focus would be devoted to the spoken language, and that from 2012, the percentage of marks available in the Leaving Certificate Irish exam would increase from 25\% to 40\% for the oral component.[40] This increased emphasis on the oral component of the Irish examinations is likely to change the way Irish is examined.' -- Wiki

Mary Hanafin our Minister for Education, has increased oral component scores. Now, before I say anything, do you thing this is fair? Do you remember taking a survey in school agreeing to this? Mary Hanafin has done this and we had no say, now lets compare this to Enda Kenny.

Enda Kenny suggested to make Irish optional after J.C, but was thrown down by Irish organizations, those Irish organizations only care about there jobs and don't try to share our views as it isn't profitable.

Now, Mary Hanafin, suddenly came out in 2007 and announced that test scores for oral Irish goes up by 15\%, are you surprised no Irish organizations opposed to this? Its profitable for them and so it works. They to take a look at both sides and didn't even ask the people taking the exams if they wanted the change, profit (where do you go if you want to understand Irish more?).

Enda Kenny is fluent in Irish yet suggested the idea of making it optional thinking that it does more harm than good, seeing our view and the Irish organization view.

Now for the ending statement,
All people who have read this let me ask you this, 'Do you think its fair that Enda Kenny's view was striked down by Irish organizations without consulting student view? Do you think its fair that Mary Hanafin announces oral scores go up by 15\% out of the blue in 2007 without consulting student view?'

If you read all this and agree with my views, help me make these Irish organizations acknowledge our view!

Thank you

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