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EA SPORTS has been on top of the sporting game world for as long as I can remember. I used to buy their games each year. Some people have claimed since EA has dominated the market for so long they got comfortable and forgot about the customer.

Last year the Xbox version of Madden 2005 had many glitches. The glitches were left in the game and ignored by EA. Some of the bigger glitches were a Punt Block glitch, a Field goal block glitch, a juke move glitch, a defensive line glitch and a quick sand glitch. Playing offline, these glitches did not matter because the computer would not take part in the glitches. Playing online however a totally different story is. The online experience turned from one of great joy and competitive attitude to discuss and ill feeling towards the online community that choice to use these glitches to win. EA did not fix ANY of these glitches, bugs, coding errors. EA decided to ignore the loyal EA sports community and only focus on the mighty bottom dollar.

The Xbox version of Madden 2006 resolved most of these issues. The online Xbox community was excited about playing the Xbox version of the Madden 2006 game online again. Not weeks after the release of the game more bugs, glitches coding errors were discovered. The opponent can tell if the play will be a running play or a passing play. These bugs, glitches coding errors once again did not affect the offline play but only the online play. Several calls to EA ended in the same statement over and over again. THE GAME WONT BE PATCHED BECAUSE IT CANT BE PATCHED. The problem with this is that 1: EA can not patch the game and made a Hugh programming error not allowing their games to be patched. 2: They can patch it and do not want to.

Either way this needs to be resolved. EA should supply a patch for the Xbox version via the Microsofts Xbox Live system or send out replacement disks to all of their customers. Either solution may not be cost efficient but sometimes you have to put your customer first. The customers are the reason EA is as big as they are now.

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Latest Signatures

  • 21 August 201550. Trista G
    This needs to be fixed!!!!
  • 08 March 201549. Jay B
    converting from 2K to Madden - I only play online so this glitch is stopping me from purchasing it.
  • 11 January 201548. Jon Bc
    Fix this glitch ASAP. A game touted as the "Greatest football game ever" should not have such a blunder as this....
  • 05 August 201447. Michael J
    come on ea fix this or no one will buy 2007
  • 24 May 201446. Kyle Blackwell
    FIX IT!!!!
  • 19 March 201445. Edwin G
    Stop the Glitch, man!!!!!!!
  • 16 March 201444. Eric York
    last verison of madden I will ever buy 2 years of glitches going on 3 not wasting my money anymore
  • 03 February 201443. Mike G
    Fix it
  • 14 January 201442. Kris W
    I support this petition
  • 06 November 201341. Micheal Bradshaw
    I support this petition
  • 02 August 201340. Shawn H
    Or Give Us our money back!
  • 11 July 201339. Mike P
    this glitch ruined online play.
  • 16 June 201338. Reaper Mcgee
    I support this petition
  • 09 May 201337. Jon D
    better be fixed for the 360 version!
  • 21 February 201336. Nick W
    Please release an update that corrects this.
  • 29 November 201235. Justin Dawson
    I lost interest in EA after Madden 2004. Stop slacking.
  • 25 November 201234. Luis Liu
    not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 16 September 201233. Josh Gray
    needs to b fixed
  • 05 December 201132. Humberto D
    I support this petition
  • 04 November 201131. Mika C
  • 08 February 201130. This Isabadp
    I support this petition
  • 10 January 201129. Mark Glover
    fix this glitch please
  • 01 December 201028. Justin Blanchard
    this isn't going to work, EA doesn't care about you.
  • 27 April 201027. Todd M
    Fix this dammet
  • 21 March 201026. Tom J
    fix it
  • 09 February 201025. Chris B
    Fix it or EA is back on the s-list
  • 27 September 200924. Paul Savage
    Do the right thing EA because its the right thing to do

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EA Sports


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