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The Lycos Network is a wonderful network for providing E-Commerce solutions to all around the world. The prices for the paid services are very consumer friendly, and this network is perfect for the starter business or for a developer who wishes to use web building tools to save time, when he or she has an idea that has just popped up overnight and wants to act on it quickly. Thus, that person has a simple site built within minutes and can be on their way to earning cash flow!

The majority of these services are accessible for those who are blind and visually impaired: however, there are a few things that make utilizing the network almost impossible, as these features inhibit the independence of the blind or visually impaired user. The good news is, the changes that need to be made are minor and take only a few minutes when working with an experienced developer. The changes that need to be made are as follows;

1. The captcha is one of the biggest complaints. We understand that you have to keep bots out, but could you please implement a link where an audible captcha can be played. What this is, is an audible file containing the letters and numbers that can be played upon clicking a link or pressing a button so that the blind or visually impaired person can accurately type the correct code into the box to proceed. Examples of sites that have this in place are and Help is needed for signing up or upgrading plans and services since this feature is not yet in place. Many of us live on our own, so to have to rely on someone else's eyes is a grave inconvenience to blind and visually impaired business owners since things are fast paced. Here are some resources that can guide you through the process on how to make your captcha accessible;
A Free and accessible captcha can be obtained at

Please, please, please do not disregard this concern, as there are millions of blind and visually impaired people who use the computer and the internet. Some of us, like myself, are even computer service technicians and developers. Please do not feed into the ignorance that abounds that says that blind people are primitive and helpless and feeble minded, as that is not true at all. Addressing this concern alone will insure our inclusion of your services. I like your services a lot and wish to remain one of your customers, as well as recommend a slew of more people. So, please make this change. It is fairly easy to make and only takes a few minutes of your time. Installing an accessible captcha is easy for even an intermediate developer.

2. Where there are graphics that are unlabeled, could you please add some alt text? When people wish to set up sites on Tripod, for example, a lot of guess work is done. Alt text within graphics enables the blind or visually impaired person to know what the graphic is. Screen readers cannot read graphics. Therefore, alt text is needed. For example, when choosing a template to set up a site, alt text could be inserted so the person can know what he or she is choosing. This, too, is a simple alteration and takes only a few minutes of time.

Please do not make the mistake of disregarding our concerns. We, like everyone else, rely on technology and the Internet to get the job done, as well as to access necessary information. Actually, we are more dependent, as it helps us to achieve things we thought were never achievable. Not to mention, technology is our communication vessel with the rest of the world, especially for those blind and visually impaired people who have no means of getting around or leaving the house. Whats more, we would like to be included in taking advantage of the services that you offer, as we feel that you are a great resource for businesses of all sizes.

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